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SILICONFOLIO – Free WordPress Portfolio Plugin


Best responsive WordPress portfolio plugin with filterable categories.


Did you ever want to create a portfolio that will showcase your work or products? Didn’t you have a single clue on where to start? Well, it’s your lucky day! Silicon Themes offers a FREE, yet powerful solution to allow you to create compelling portfolios that will fascinate your website visitors. You don’t need to view all of wordpress portfolio plugins on WordPress repository. You already found it!

As the name suggests, SiliconFolio is a free wordpress portfolio plugin by Silicon Themes, that allows you to create simple and beautiful responsive gallery with filter. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the word free here! SiliconFolio will impress even the most demanding web designer or web administrator with its features.


Packed with eight ready-to-use styles, SiliconFolio will provide you with all the customization options you will ever need to create your portfolio. Let’s examine them:

– Random Thumbnails:

Random-Sized thumbnails allow your portfolio items to be displayed in various sizes, resulting in a modern-looking grid.

– Random Thumbnails + Spaces:

Similar to the above template with an addition of spaces between items to improve readability.

– 3 Square Thumbnails:

Rows consisting of three objects each form a clean portfolio. Fans of the classic style will adore this.

– 3 Square Thumbnails + Spaces:

Similar to 3 Square Thumbnails, but with an addition of spaces between neighboring items to increase readability and style.

– 4 Square Thumbnails:

In this template, the grid items come in quartets; ideal for users who want to display multiple products or works simultaneously.

– 4 Square Thumbnails + Spaces:

You might like the addition of spaces between adjacent items to improve clarity and create a relaxing effect for the visitor.

– Half Thumbnails:

If you want larger thumbnails for the items of your portfolio, SiliconFolio provides you with the option of half-sized thumbnails. This template allows you to display your work in a more detailed, eye-catching way, without the user having to click anywhere on your web page.

– Half Thumbnails + Spaces:

This template is similar to the previous one, except for the addition of white spaces between bordering items to allow them to distinguish themselves better.

The SiliconFolio plugin is simple to use. You just have to upload it to your WordPress Site, activate it, and you’re ready. Just create a new page, select the portfolio template, pick your wanted portfolio style, and fascinate the world with your works and products. Easy, don’t you think?


You dont want to start from scratch? Want to get all portfolio posts and pages from demo site and start working with them?
Not a problem. To import this information into a WordPress site follow these steps after installing the plugin:

STEP 1 – Log in to that site as an administrator.
STEP 2 – Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.
STEP 3 – Install the “WordPress” importer from the list.
STEP 4 – Activate & Run Importer.
STEP 5Download this archive and unzip it on your computer.
STEP 6 – Upload siliconfolio-demo.xml file using the form provided on that page.
STEP 7 – You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user.
STEP 8. WordPress will then import each of the portfolio post and portfolio pages contained in this file into your site.

If you’ve ever wanted to create an impressive portfolio site, here’s is your chance. And it’s for free!!! Just download SiliconFolio and unleash your imagination.


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