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Did you ever want to create a portfolio that will showcase your work or products? Didn’t you have a single clue on where to start? Well, it’s your lucky day! Silicon Themes offers a FREE, yet powerful solution to allow you to create compelling portfolios that will fascinate your website visitors. You don’t need to view all of wordpress portfolio plugins on WordPress repository. You already found it!

As the name suggests, SiliconFolio is a free wordpress portfolio plugin by Silicon Themes, that allows you to create simple and beautiful responsive gallery with filter. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the word free here! SiliconFolio will impress even the most demanding web designer or web administrator with its features.


Packed with eight ready-to-use styles, SiliconFolio will provide you with all the customization options you will ever need to create your portfolio. Let’s examine them:

– Random Thumbnails:

Random-Sized thumbnails allow your portfolio items to be displayed in various sizes, resulting in a modern-looking grid.

– Random Thumbnails + Spaces:

Similar to the above template with an addition of spaces between items to improve readability.

– 3 Square Thumbnails:

Rows consisting of three objects each form a clean portfolio. Fans of the classic style will adore this.

– 3 Square Thumbnails + Spaces:

Similar to 3 Square Thumbnails, but with an addition of spaces between neighboring items to increase readability and style.

– 4 Square Thumbnails:

In this template, the grid items come in quartets; ideal for users who want to display multiple products or works simultaneously.

– 4 Square Thumbnails + Spaces:

You might like the addition of spaces between adjacent items to improve clarity and create a relaxing effect for the visitor.

– Half Thumbnails:

If you want larger thumbnails for the items of your portfolio, SiliconFolio provides you with the option of half-sized thumbnails. This template allows you to display your work in a more detailed, eye-catching way, without the user having to click anywhere on your web page.

– Half Thumbnails + Spaces:

This template is similar to the previous one, except for the addition of white spaces between bordering items to allow them to distinguish themselves better.

The SiliconFolio plugin is simple to use. You just have to upload it to your WordPress Site, activate it, and you’re ready. Just create a new page, select the portfolio template, pick your wanted portfolio style, and fascinate the world with your works and products. Easy, don’t you think?


You dont want to start from scratch? Want to get all portfolio posts and pages from demo site and start working with them?
Not a problem. To import this information into a WordPress site follow these steps after installing the plugin:

STEP 1 – Log in to that site as an administrator.
STEP 2 – Go to Tools: Import in the WordPress admin panel.
STEP 3 – Install the “WordPress” importer from the list.
STEP 4 – Activate & Run Importer.
STEP 5Download this archive and unzip it on your computer.
STEP 6 – Upload siliconfolio-demo.xml file using the form provided on that page.
STEP 7 – You will first be asked to map the authors in this export file to users on the site. For each author, you may choose to map to an existing user on the site or to create a new user.
STEP 8. WordPress will then import each of the portfolio post and portfolio pages contained in this file into your site.

If you’ve ever wanted to create an impressive portfolio site, here’s is your chance. And it’s for free!!! Just download SiliconFolio and unleash your imagination.


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  1. Howdy – Looks rad, but not working correctly on my site (under construction in a sub-directory).

    This is my portfolio page (only 2 items so far)
    When I click on the portfolio item it just kicks me to the homepage. Using OnePress Theme. No styling applied to this page yet. Just trying to make it work. I really like the demo. Any ideas what’s going on here? Thanks.

    1. Hello, try to refresh permalinks. Go to your wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks -> set something -> Save -> Reverse it back -> Save.

      1. Great. That worked! Thank you.

        Now it links to the right page, but there seems to be an issue with the display of the page. There is no featured image, but the text shows up. It also seems to create its own page template (not sure). Is there a way to make it use the default page/post template? Or is this a theme issue?

        I’m using a child-theme and can edit files if needed. Just not sure what happens when I select the “Portfolio” template instead of the “Default” template.

        Thanks again. Sorry to bother, but I really appreciate it.

        1. Hello, single portfolio page template are blank, so you can add any content that you want, just click edit your portfolio post and add image to post content.

    1. Hello. No, but you can read documentation and upload demo content, in that case you will get all portfolio posts and pages from demo site.

          1. I’m asking if that would be possible.

            I’m trying to get each displayed portfolio item to link to a individual page, not the portfolio post type.

          2. It’s custom post type – it’s impossible by plugins settings, need to customize plugin’s php files

  2. Look great, but I don’t get it work fine yet.

    I’ve selected “portfolio” for the main portfolio page. It works, but it (logically?) overwrite the normal display of the page. Now it’s full screen and my page title with styling is gone.

    It’s a test location:

    Other pages are displayed in grid, but this plugin ‘overrules’ the layout. Is it possible to fit it in the normal layout of my site?

    1. Hello. No, as i can see it’s works well, but your theme uses not standard cunstruction for pages, you just need to wrap all content inside portfolio.php
      <div class="container">file contenе here</div>, also as i can see you use Visual Composer to built your content, so don’t forget to switch it on for portfolio -> Go to vc settings, find Role Manager – choose custom instead just pages and click each checkbox.

    2. Hello, Kriston!!

      I see you are using this portfolio plugin and I noticed that on the bottom of each portfolio page, you have a navigation that lets you navigate from current portfolio page to either a previous portfolio page or next portfolio page. Could you let me know the code you used? I have been trying it on my end and no success so far. Any tips?

      Thank you in advance.

  3. There is no “Template” option showing in Page, that’s why no “Portfolio Template” too. What is causing the error? I am using “Resto” Theme from here.
    If this theme not supporting any page template, is there any other way to show the portfolio?

  4. Need help with filters. I downloaded demo portfolio, but it shows only one filter All Work…
    Option show filters is checked.
    Any suggestions ?

  5. Hello
    Great plugin. I got the Page and the portfolio featured images to display, but it seems they dont link to portfolio item pages !!
    Your assistance is appreciated

    1. Looks like you need to refresh permalinks. 1) Login to your wp 2) go to Settings -> Permalinks 3) choose “Plain” and save 4) Choose “Post name” and save.

  6. Great plugin! Thanks so much! Is there a way to change what order the port items are shown? I tried changing the publish dates, but no luck. Thanks!

  7. Hello. Thank you for this. Unfortunatley I’m not a IT profi, so i only could upload this Plugin and Install and also greated a page like your Documentation. Now I can’t found any TO DO for Uploading my pictures. I only could upload pics in my portfolio side – but it doesnt looks like your portfolio options (u.a. Random Thumbnails). Is there any body outside, maybe from Germany, to could help me with it?! Thank you

    1. Hey, just upload demo content and you will get all my pages and portfoolios – it will be good statrt for you to find out how it all works

  8. Hello,

    I really like the effects and template. Two questions:
    1. Can this plugin work with a lightbox? If so, do you have advice as to which one?
    2. The page source shows my site icon (favicon) but it does not display when I use your template. How can I bring it back?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello
      1) No, for each portfolio page creating single page on that page you can add any images with lightbox.
      2) It’s stange – can i get url to your site?

  9. Hi, I’ve got the portfolio posts up but when I click on them the link takes me to a broken link that doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

    1. Hello, looks like you need to refresh permalinks. 1) Login to your wp 2) go to Settings -> Permalinks 3) choose “Plain” and save 4) Choose “Post name” and save

  10. Hello please help
    When I try to change portfolio settings on any page with Show posts from (Use TAGS) and select the items Ii want displaying it doesnt save the tag I select. When I save it just keeps defaulting to all .

  11. Hello. Thank you so much for this plugin! I want to change the appearance of the categories a little (other font, or bigger size and border). Is this possible? If so, do you want to explain how 🙂 Kind regards, Vera

      1. Thank you for the reply. Css will do. Now i want to link the pictures to a popup instead of a page. Is this possible without adding script to the code?

  12. Thank you for the amazing plugin! I love it. I’ve rated it with 5 stars! It works very good on my portfolio website I have a few questions: can I change the text “Random Thumbnails Without Spaces” and the text below? Also I want to change the link to /portfolio, not in /home-2… where can I do that? And can I change the css? It’s all very close to the edge and would like to have more space… Ih ope to hear from you!

    Kind regards, Mariska

  13. Hello, how can I use this plugin? I install plug in okay and active now.
    And I create new main page for my web site. But I can’t use. How can I use this plugin?

  14. Hello,
    Fantastic plugin.
    I’m trying to get the background of the category text to not be white, is there a way to change this in the css?

    1. Hello, create new page, choose portfolio template for it and in Settings -> Reading choose that page as home page

      1. And what kind of problems you have with it? Create new page and choose portfolio template for it and in “edit” area yuo can add your own content

  15. I love this plugin, I stumbled upon it while searching for the right portfolio plugin that fulfills everything I need.

    The only problem I’m having with it is, how do I make the portfolio’s content visible to members only? It’s showing publicly and I can’t launch the site until I find a solution for this problem.

    FYI I’m using Paid Memberships Pro as my membership plugin and would rather not have to switch to an alternate plugin. Same goes for this plugin.

  16. Hi,
    I am trying out the silicon folio plugin on a sydney theme site.
    The silicon xml was successfully imported, nevertheless I do no see the images in the portfolio. The only thing I see is the overlays popping up when hovering the mouse over the screen.
    Any ideas? (There’s no custom CSS involved.)

  17. I’m having trouble centering the content of my portfolio, I think it’s related to the dimensions of the main theme (Gallery) but I don’t know exactly how to do it. This is my website:
    Can you please tell me how to center all the content to look like in the demo content?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello, in your case edit single-portfolio.php and wrap everithing in div.container like

      <div class='container'>

  18. Hi,

    Really like this plugin.

    Can you tell me how i can change the ‘All Works’ in the menu bar to just say ‘All’?



  19. Hi, how can we change ‘All Works’ please? It doesn’t appear in teh file you suggested, or is there more work involved? Thanks

  20. Hi,

    Is it possible to link to the page which contains the portfolio so that the filter is already applied?

    Thank you


  21. This is a really nice plugin Thanks.
    However i’m stuck in customizing the single page. Is it possible to add meta data such as category and tags which actually return null ?

    Thank you

  22. Hello…I downloaded this plugin thinking it could do something for me…I don’t have a portfolio, but I do have an ecommerce site (under construction). What I was looking for was this type of responsive thumbnail for my product categories (subcats…etc). I want an image as the category icon then when you hover over it a title or something is produced. Can we make this happen with this plugin?

  23. Hi 🙂 I was wondering if there is any way I can add a navigation to the individual portfolio page? I need to be able to navigate from current page to previous portfolio page and next portfolio page. Any ideas? So basically like a blog post, which gives you the option to navigate to next post or previous post than the one you are viewing….

    Hope I made some sense in my question….

    Thank you in advance.

  24. I’m having trouble understanding this part of the documentation:
    “Assign some categories to that tag”

    Can someone explain how to assign a category to a tag I just created?

  25. Hola! en mi portfolio web veo que debajo hay una linea blanca que separa el portfolio del Footer, como puedo solucionar esto?
    y otra pregunta, es posible que cuando pase el raton por encima del portfolio el color que sale sea transparente? gracias!

  26. I think your trick is not working anymore in WP 4.8

    * Adds our template to the pages cache in order to trick WordPress
    * into thinking the template file exists where it doens’t really exist.

  27. Hi there!
    Thank you for this beautiful gallery plugin.
    I’ve looked through other reviews to see if anyone had asked this, but there wasn’t one.
    1. How could I change the category list to be center aligned to the page?
    2. Where can I change the color of hover on category
    3. Is there a way to change the overall width of the gallery container? So it doesn’t bleed out. ( I’m using Randombox with no space)
    Thank you :]

  28. Hello! In my web portfolio I see that below is a white line that separates the portfolio of Footer, how can I solve this?
    And another question, is it possible that when the mouse passes over the portfolio the color that comes out is transparent? Thank you!

  29. Hi,

    How can i implement this onto a page. I have a one page website layout, I would like to be able to insert this into the page?

    How would this be done?



  30. Hello, Is there any way I can add “pagination” to the individual portfolio pages? I would like for a simple see previous and see next navigation. Any help?

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