BARTON – Smart Portfolio WordPress Theme for Creative People

– Overview –


Barton is a powerful, flexible, and clean portfolio theme for WordPress. Its motto is “Smart Portfolio Theme for Creative People” and no words could describe better its power. The creator of Barton designed it with his focus on functionality and ease of use for both the visitor and the WordPress administrator.

Coming with a modern and minimal design, Barton will instantly direct the eye of your visitor to what matters the most, meaning your products and work. The possibilities are limitless, whether you want to adopt a portfolio style or a corporate style as well.

The technical elements of the theme are state-of-the-art. Apart from its clean design that is SEO friendly, Barton uses HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery frameworks that provide extreme functionality and speed.

Also, the AJAX framework allows the creation of even faster-loading portfolios the visitor and Google will adore.

Regarding compatibility, Barton is a cross-browser compatible and fully responsive theme; all visitors regardless of their device (desktop or mobile) or browser will view your website properly. As for the resolution and sharpness of your images, be 100% sure that your retina display-ready website will spontaneously impress even the most demanding visitor!

Packed with a variety of customization options the theme guarantees you will showcase your work enticingly. You can customize everything, ranging from the layout and columns to the typography, images, full-width sliders, and videos. The eight portfolio templates, combined with the power of the Visual Composer and the Revolution Slider plugin will allow you to express your imagination in the most attractive way.

Barton also includes lifetime updates to ensure you’re always up-to-date. Also, premium support guarantees you will quickly resolve any technical issues that might occur.

– Possibilities –

The Barton Theme comes with endless options for the end user. One thing is for sure, though; Barton is not solely a portfolio theme. It can also be used from companies who want a modern, professional-looking website, or even a blog to communicate better with their visitors.

Even in 2016, there are sites of famous enterprises full of boring, static content. So, what’s better than having an astonishing web page that will distinguish itself from other pages, capturing the attention of the visitor immediately? A fascinated visitor is always a potential customer. Apart from that, who wouldn’t want a beautiful blog as a support for their main website? No one!

In plain words, installing the Barton theme in your WordPress Site unleashes great power and flexibility allowing you to communicate with your visitor better.

– Layout Description-

Let’s examine now the pack of templates that Barton includes. The author of the theme has put tons of work to provide a collection of templates that you can utilize immediately to create your portfolio.

Barton offers eight ready portfolio templates to let you showcase your content efficiently, fast, and most of all impressively.With a delicate fading effect, useful and informing messages appear as the visitor hovers over the grid elements.

Let’s examine the portfolio templates one-by-one:

Random Thumbs
Random Thumbs
– Random Thumbs Portfolio:

It’s a grid template with a tiny navigation bar to ease visitors’ navigation. The impressive thing about it is the flexibility in the dimensions of grid items, hence the word Random. What this means is that the grid items don’t have identical dimensions. Thus, the visitor’s eye doesn’t get bored, as it would get if they saw a repetitious pattern. To put it simply, a less tired visitor equals more time on your site and work, and, perhaps, more conversions.

Random Thumbs + Spaces
Random Thumbs + Spaces
– Random Thumbs + Spaces Portfolio:

Similar to the Random Thumbs Portfolio described above. The addition of Spaces between adjacent items of the portfolio increases readability and creates a feeling of clarity and order for the visitor.

3 Square Thumbs
3 Square Thumbs
– 3 Square Thumbs:

The thumbnails in this template come in groups of three forming a fixed-dimension portfolio. This kind of grid permits the creation of an organized web page which grabs the attention of the visitor. If there are more than three items to be shown, the Load More button at the bottom of the grid reveals another triad of thumbs for the visitor to examine.

3 Square Thumbs + Spaces
3 Square Thumbs + Spaces
– 3 Square Thumbs + Spaces:

Similar to the 3 Square Thumbs template described above. With the insertion of spaces between neighboring columns, the 3 Square Thumbs + Spaces template offers a more relaxing effect for the visitor.

4 Square Thumbs
4 Square Thumbs
– 4 Square Thumbs:

If you have lots of work to demonstrate at once, then this template is for you. A brilliant display of confidence and quantity of work is what you get from presenting your products in groups of four. Of course, the tiny navigation bar appearing at the top of the grid allows quick navigation in the categories of your work or services.

4 Square Thumbs + Spaces
4 Square Thumbs + Spaces
– 4 Square Thumbs + Spaces:

If you’ve read the description of the previous templates, then you should understand by now what the notation “+ Spaces” means. It’s a nice addition of the theme creator to his collection of templates to allow the theme user decide if they want a bit of space amongst the items of the portfolio to increase clarity and reduce congestion. It’s surely a matter of personal taste and the author generously gives to the end user the chance to select which template fits better their needs.

Half Thumbs
Half Thumbs
– Half Thumbs:

This handy portfolio template shows a grid consisting of two columns. Equipped with the hover effect mentioned above, two columns of half-sized thumbs appear. The thumbnails are displayed in larger dimensions than in the previous templates, hence the name Half Thumbs. The purpose of adopting such a style is to showcase your work using larger images and in greater resolution. Furthermore, you can include more information for each item using the hover effect of the theme. As for the picture quality, Barton is a retina-display ready theme, meaning that the rendering of the pictures is of outstanding quality.

Half Thumbs + Spaces
Half Thumbs + Spaces
– Half Thumbs + Spaces:

Similar to the previous Half Thumbs template. The addition of spaces between the displayed items, however, enables the visitor to examine each item separately. Choose the Half Thumbs version that suits you best.

Further Portfolio Customization Options

Single Portfolio Example
Single Portfolio Example
– 100% Customizable Portfolio Grid

What if you want to express your imagination by designing your preferred portfolio grid? Are you limited to the options above? Of course, not!
You can experiment with the dimensions of your portfolio to see what’s better for your website. Create a 1×5 portfolio! Or would you prefer a 2×6 grid and a 1×4 grid just below the first one? The opportunities are unlimited! Just visualize your portfolio and make it real with the power of the Barton theme!

– 100% Color and Hover Effect Customization

“What about the colors?” you might ask. Well, if you’re hiding a Van inside you, don’t worry! You can decorate your portfolio however you might like. Change the text color! Set the background color! You can also adjust the color of the hover effect of each item. You’re limited only by your imagination!

– Create Unlimited Inner Portfolio Pages

The magic continues! Most WordPress Portfolio themes have restrictions on the modification of your portfolios. What this means is that once the author makes his or her decision on the size of the displayed items, or the dimensions and the alignment of the grid, that’s it! You can’t alter them in any way. Well, fortunately, this is not the case with the Barton theme. To give you an example, you can have a portfolio with a full-width slider or image on top. Below it, you can have text in columns followed by a grid of products or services of any size. You get the point here? You’ve just combined a full-width thumbnail, followed by half-width thumbnails, or even random-sized thumbnails.
What a joy and what power for the creative web designer!

And, that’s just a tiny example of what Barton can do! But wait! Uncle Barton is not done with you just yet!

– Visual Composer Included

Containing the powerful Visual Composer plugin, the Barton theme allows you to create portfolio posts, blog posts and even regular pages in a matter of minutes. The drag and drop features of the Visual Composer make the creation of new pages and posts a piece of cake, even for the newbie WordPress user.

– Slider Revolution plugin Included

The Barton theme includes the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin. This addition can skyrocket your creativity, allowing you to create modern and fully responsive sliders that will amaze your visitors. Also, presentations with highly customizable navigation options are available using Slider Revolution. The features of the plugin will impress even the most demanding clients, whether they need a simple carousel presentation or a compelling, cinematic, 3D presentation of their work.

But, wait! There’s more for you!

– A variety of shortcodes will enable further customization options.

Even if you think that the above options are more than enough for you, you’ll be happy to discover that the theme author has included a considerable number of shortcodes to provide you with even more flexibility over your content.

  • – Custom Heading Shortcodes
  • – Button Shortcodes that you will surely love
  • – Lists and Icons Shortcodes
  • – Alignment Shortcodes
  • – Slider Shortcodes to showcase your logos or work
  • – Pricing Table Shortcodes
  • – Portfolio Shortcode to create portfolios of any shape and dimension you can imagine
Availables Shortcodes
Availables Shortcodes

Even More Features for You

– Responsive Design/Browser Compatibility

With the popularity of mobile devices rising more and more, it is of utmost importance to focus on the compatibility of WordPress themes with any web browser, as well as on their responsive design. The Barton WordPress theme excels in these two fields. Visitors can view any website that uses the Barton theme, regardless of the browser they have. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the site no matter what device they have, mobile or desktop. As for the administrator and the designer, they can test how their website looks on different devices by using the preview option that the Visual Composer offers, before even publishing their content. Awesome!

– Barton is multilingual, or better said INTERNATIONAL!

Don’t you have affection for the English language? Would you want your theme and its controls and options to be in your mother tongue? That’s OK! Barton is a translation-ready theme. What this means is that users can customize the language it uses, only in a few minutes’ time. So, no worries if you can’t use English well!

– Demo Content included in the downloaded archive

What if you saw a demo page or portfolio using a theme, on a web page, you liked it, you bought the theme, yet you couldn’t find how to clone it and just make only a few tweaks on it to fit your needs? Wouldn’t that be a disaster? It surely would. That’s why the author of Barton has decided to include all demo content appearing on the “Live Preview” page in the downloaded archive. Can’t you see the potential of such a gift? Everything is there, waiting for you; all demo posts, pages, and portfolios. You can create a website or a portfolio that your client will instantly adore in less than two hours’ time. You will love the Modern Company, Creative Agency, Business Style, and Portfolio Style demo pages. So, feel free to use them right away!

– 5-star Premium Support

Last but not least, a few words about the support by the theme creator.
How many times have you purchased a piece of software, a theme or a service and you were left in the lurch? “Plenty of them, for sure!” you might answer. Well, this is not the case with the Barton theme. In fact, its creator is famous for the superior quality support he offers to clients. So what does the support pack include? The answer is “Everything to make your life easier”.

Firstly, you can contact the author himself using the comments section dedicated to the Barton theme, in the Themeforest website. Isn’t it useful enough?
OK! Here’s more for you. Assistance with known bugs and any included 3rd party assets; simply put, if you have any problems with the “Revolution Slider” or the “Visual Composer” etc., the author will help you in finding a solution. The response is remarkably quick. The author always responds in a day’s time, max. Simply epic!


If you’re looking to create a remarkable first impression of your work online, then the Barton theme is inevitably your No 1 choice. Harness the power of the included templates and embedded features to create stunning portfolios and professional business websites that will impress your visitors and clients directly.

Be Smart, Creative and Barton powered!



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