How to receive your contact form emails on your phone?

What if you sent an email message using a contact form you found on a website and the owner of the site never responded to you? What if they responded after a few days apologizing for the delay, saying they hadn’t checked their e-mail for some days? Wouldn’t it result in a loss of credibility and respect towards them? It surely would! So, what can you do to avoid having such a situation happening to you? In plain words, how can you make sure that the very moment a visitor fills in a contact form, you will get a notification on your phone no matter where you are? In this guide, you’re about to learn how you can have your WordPress site forward to your mobile phone any Email it gets. Enjoy your reading!

Email forwarding 101

The basic concept of this guide is the following one:

  • – You set up a contact form to appear on your WordPress website.
  • – Your visitor fills in a contact form and submits it.
  • – Your site forwards the e-mail it got through the contact form on your phone.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. In fact, it is a very simple process, and once you get its grasp, you will be able to repeat it easily on as many websites you want. You just have to use a plugin called Contact Form 7 and customize it properly.

What the heck is Contact Form 7 and how to use it?

Contact Form 7 is a very popular WordPress plugin among the WordPress administrators. In fact, at the time of writing, it has more than a Million Active installs on WordPress websites. The reasons behind its popularity are its simplicity and flexibility, only to mention some. Let’s see how you can install it on your site.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
Step 2: Click Plugins – – > Add new on your left sidebar.
Step 3: Type Contact Form 7 in the search box at the upper right of your screen.


Step 4: Contact Form 7 should appear first among the results. Click Install now and wait for the installation to complete.
Step 5: Now the installation process is over, you can create your first contact form. Click Contact – – > Add New on the left sidebar, as the following image shows.


On this page, you can define which data your visitor will have to send to you when they submit their contact form. The default setup includes the name, Email address, the subject of the message and the message that your visitor will send to you. If you, however, want to gather additional data you can experiment with the buttons appearing at the top of the central box which contains the elements of the message. Just click on any of the existent buttons. They should be more than enough for you now.

When you have customized your contact form to fit your needs properly, it’s time to define an Email account which will receive any messages that your visitors send to you. By default, it will be the Admin Email that you have entered when you first installed WordPress. Let’s see, however, how you can add an extra Email account where the completed forms will go as soon as your visitors submit them.


First, click on the Mail Tab at the top of your contact form box. You now see the default options about the recipient Email. You can change it to whichever Email you like, and you are good to go! If you want to get each form to an extra E-mail, though, please do the following:

  • – Scroll down the web page until your reach the “Mail 2” section.
  • – Click on the tick box names “Use Mail (2)”.
  • – Input your desired Email address in the “To:” field (i.e. the extra Email account that you will use to receive your contact forms on your phone).
  • – Click Save at the bottom of your screen.


Your brand new contact form is now ready to use. You should see the following at the top of your screen!


Do you see the blue colored shortcode? Of course, you do! You just have to copy and paste it wherever you want your contact form to be visible. What will it be? Will it be a contact page? A sidebar, perhaps? Or, will it be at the bottom of a post? The options are endless for you! Pick the ones that you like most!

This sums up our quick guide on how to receive your contact forms on your cell phone. You just have to make sure your smartphone is synchronized with the Email account you’ve selected in the previous steps while configuring the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Wait! What do you mean you don’t know how to receive Emails on your phone?

Ha-ha! You didn’t see our bluff here, did you? Here, in we try to deliver only quality and thorough guides. We wouldn’t leave you without having any clue on how to add an Email account on your smartphone. So let’s quickly see how you can configure your phone to receive your Emails alongside with the contact forms your visitors submit.
Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu and scroll down till you find the Add Account button and tap it.

Step 2: On the following screen tap the Email option as shown below.

Step 3: On the next screen you just have to fill in your credentials. Simply put, input your Email address (the one you selected while configuring your contact form) and your password. Your smartphone will sync with your Email account, and you will be able to receive any Email your visitors send you using your contact forms! Just click on the arrow appearing at the upper right of your screen and you’re good to go!

Tip: Use a Gmail account to avoid more configuration and manual setups!



This sums up our guide on how to receive the Emails your website visitors send you on your mobile phone. Make sure you implement these easy steps right away so that you earn the trust of your visitors by responding to them quickly. Thanks for reading!



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