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Build your Photography Business with Unique Photography WordPress Themes!

As a photographer, you dream is to have your work showcased to a large audience. Thanks to the internet, it’s now easy to have your high quality images in front of millions of viewers. This could open up regular paying photography gigs for you. However, for potential clients to easily find you and seek your services, you’ll need a centralized location on the web. Social media accounts like Pinterest are great places to showcase your works. However, their major drawback is that you’re essentially promoting their site and, you run the risk of having your account shut down. Let’s talk about photography WordPress themes

It’s better to have control over your online photography business by running your own WordPress photography website. Here, you’ll get to choose the type of photography to showcase, use online marketing techniques and attract great clients. For your site, you’ll need to choose one among the many photography WordPress themes. Here are some reasons that make themes a great investment to make.

1. Maintain image quality after upload.

Photographers are often frustrated to find that the quality of images uploaded onto WordPress sites often lose quality. This is a deliberate action taken by the Content Management System to improve speeds. High quality images are usually compressed by up to 82% after being uploaded onto a WordPress site. To disable this feature, you’ll need to manually make changes on specific WordPress files. Many of the photography templates are designed to ensure that image quality is maintained after upload.

2. Get a unique look for your photography portfolio site.

Just like your photos are unique, so should your portfolio site be. There are hundreds of thousands of free and premium themes to choose from. However, each theme is designed to suit a particular industry. A photography template will make your site stand out among others within your industry. Thanks to customizability that comes with most themes, you can further make changes to make your site unique to your particular niche. Achieving a unique look helps you brand your site allowing you to have a unique selling proposition that’s distinct from other photographers.

3. Get search engines to love your site.

Most of the content on your portfolio site will be images. Unfortunately, search engine bots cannot “read” images. This can put you at a disadvantage if you don’t have a lot of keyword rich text content on your site. Today, it’s easy to find an SEO friendly WordPress template for photography sites. These are designed with a major focus on technical SEO with features like responsive design, clean code and site structure. These features will help your site rank better in search engine results.

4. Many cool options to choose from.

Photography themes come in a wide variety of layouts and styles. Whether you want a single page theme or multi-page theme, you’ll easily find one in our theme collection. Many allow you to make custom changes to make your site’s front end unique and user friendly.

If you want to take your photography business to the next level, you must invest in a quality theme that will drive potential clients to your site. Browse through our unique collection of photography WordPress themes now.


WordPress is the go to for all, in creating beautiful websites. What makes the website beautiful is its wonderful theme. There are lots and lots of themes to choose from. But if you are a person looking for a perfect theme for your photography website, then Bluebird is the most elegant and perfect theme for you. Bluebird theme is not just any theme, it is the most interactive theme with best in class portfolio and the functions it hold will truly make your website spot-on.

The theme is designed to go with any device whether it is a mobile or a full on computer. The customization is both amazing and easy to adjust. Since it is an interactive website, there will never be an issue if this is viewed on a mobile phone. Each and every component on this theme is customization ready and is both looking awesome and functions great. The theme is easy to apply to your website and is more easy to customize. The menu system is both elegant and smooth. The theme is lightweight, which means that it will not take a lot of resource to initialize thus save time to a significant extend.

This can also be used as a photography blog. The theme is also designed for selling products online and also has a unique scrolling system. For a photographer this helps in the separating each topic into separate options so that it will be quicker to access. Great social media buttons and also another thing that inspires photographers to select this theme is the fact that this theme’s portfolio page is easier to organize and much easier to group.

Considering all this facts with respect to the small price to pay, this theme is the majestic choice for photographers for great portfolios and other such functions. If you want to talk about camera gear and other aspects of photography like lighting and you are planning to make a website, then this is the perfect theme for you.


Outdoor is a clean and modern presentation of photography at your fingertips in a Pphotography WordPress theme. Incredibly uncluttered and with full customisation, Outdoor allows you to showcase your photography easily and make your work the focus of attention. Clicking on the pictures will take you to individual projects and more pictures while giving information about the reasoning behind them. Minimalism is key here, as video and photographs become windows to projects and focal points of attention. The One Click Import Data means you can easily change your theme to Outdoor and begin exploring everything it has to offer.

Outdoor is the ideal theme for photographers, designers and anyone who wants a professional website to show their work to others. Retina ready but also working across various systems such as iOS and Windows, your images will take centre stage and look the best they possible can. What’s great about this theme is that everything is on the front page for you, meaning you are not scrolling extensively but just clicking on the indicated arrows that can also be changed if you so desire. The coding is clean and easy, making Outdoor feel like anyone could purchase the theme and use it to create a website of amazing imagery.

Using the Visual Composer Page Builder and advanced elements to these alongside Woocommerce Pages helps to create an extremely pretty and responsive website to present work. Updating automatically and support readily available, Outdoor feels like a living, breathing website and if the reviews are anything to go by, many who have used it have had a great experience. Including six different home styles such as video or slider and 14 portfolio style pages, Outdoor is the theme to have to show the power and focus photography has.


Viewpoint is a great full screen photography theme for WordPress developed by trusted developer Darinka. The best thing about the theme is the full screen gallery that greets the user. There are no distracting menus, tabs or dialogue boxes to distract the user. The user can go about the sole purpose of visiting the site: looking at photos. Thus, your photos get the prominent place and attention it deserves. The galleries are easy to navigate and add to the minimal and sleek design that emphasize framing your pictures perfectly. The smooth scrolling through animations also give the impression that the photographer values his work and is professional. All these features also hold across all platforms.

To develop any website on this theme is very easy more intuitive than technical and focused on the photographs than code. Gallery style can be changed in one click and few seconds from the Add media feature, and the full screen gallery can not only show images in a smooth sideshow but also adapt automatically to landscape and square photographs. It can change from horizontal, half-page and grid layouts depending on the preferences of the user.

After installing the demo with a single click, building the website becomes even easier with all its technical features. It comes with a free HTML template for people who prefer code, unlimited color schemes, the theme preloads to provide the maximum speed and optimal experience for the user and can support layered Photoshop documents. The galleries in this theme can handle hundreds of photos easily in its standard WordPress gallery and is optimized for use across social networks.

The theme is compatible across browsers and responsive, is updated automatically, has an extensively commented and simple code, a step-by-step documentation, a timeless design, and SEO optimized. For developers this is a great choice also because of the direct and personal support available.


As a photographer, your job is to cut through the clutter of the internet. Everybody can go fancy with complicated themes that flip or dropdown. But you don’t need all that glitter and flashy themes for you to be noticed. Your photos are your most important assets, and so, your website should feel like a physical gallery – clean, simple, and well-curated.

It’s best to go with a WordPress photography theme with a clean interface, has a responsive design, and can be upgraded for e-commerce. All these can be found in the Clean Photography WordPress theme.

For traditional artists who aren’t too tech-savvy, WordPress is the perfect platform by which you can feature your work. It has a basic framework, but it can also be customizable depending on the needs of the artist. The Clean Photography theme can be bought easily for $49.00. Made by WPHunters, the theme supports high-resolution photos and is Widget-ready. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 columns and has a responsive layout. The latter means that it is compatible with other technology formats such as the tablet or smartphone. This also means that the theme is highly automotive and intuitive. You don’t have to do much for it to respond to other formats. It is especially ideal for those in creative industries especially those in the photography world or those who badly need to put the focus on their content.

The theme is compatible with Woo Commerce, so if you want the options of having prints of your photos purchased, you can do so with this theme. For your $49.00, WPHunters will include a one-year support for you to be able to customize the theme as you wish. You can extend this support for another year for an additional $14.00.

So if you’re looking for a Photography WordPress theme that’s both functional and visually appealing, take a gander on this one. The structure is classy and brilliant in its simplicity.


Verve is an attractive and elegant theme for your next word press website. It is a blog and portfolio theme which is most suitable for great creative and photography websites. The customization is limitless, it is the best canvas for creating an awesome looking responsive website. It is also designed for speed and comfort. This theme reduce the loading time significantly because of the loading of fewer files and by the compression of the file to decrease its size.

Speaking about responsive, This theme is not just responsive. This theme is designed for achieving great mobile performance and user friendly experience. The main feature about this theme is that there are 13 tabs which has plenty of functions in creating the best websites for your needs. This is great for a photographic website as these tabs can help in separating information on various camera gears, portfolio and various other small topics all in separate tabs for easier access. All the aspects including foreground and background colors, header and footer text, logos, fonts and side bars all can be edited to fit your needs.

This amazing theme, with all its features, is easy to configure and even more easy to install. The installation of the theme can be done with a single click. If you are a first time user and does not know anything about it, don’t worry, just ask them help and they will provide all the details through a series of videos which explain in detail all the process of customizing this theme. Another awesome feature about this theme is that it has an amazing menu system. Verve theme is fully compatible with Woo Commerce. This means that the moment you publish your website worldwide, you are also ready to sell online. The theme is also highly optimized to go along with other plugins such as Mail chimp, Revolution Slider and Contact Form 7.

A small price to pay for an amazing and highly responsive website. Great for all the platforms and is optimized greatly for functionality. The great menu system and easy installation makes this a great theme for your next photography website or for any website. Just use your imagination.


The ease with which you are able to capture wonderful moments in your life now mean you have even more great images to share with the world. It is therefore awesome news knowing that there are a number of great WordPress photography themes available, that can readily turn your photography website into something very memorable.

Etudes has several outstanding features that make it one of the best Photography WordPress themes you should consider. It has an impressive full screen slider, assortment of innate, practical layouts and a number of galleries, all which enhance the theme’s functionality. It also has broadened portfolio capabilities and is responsive and retina ready.


This theme features an architecture whose development must have factored every photographer. This is so because it allows you to exhibit your shots without trivializing the wonder of their imagery. Moreover, the said architecture is appropriate for novice and pro photographers alike; the numerous galleries it has serve the needs of both experts as well as enthusiasts who are out chasing fun.

Etudes will give you nothing but high-speed performance. Backed by its quality code and an amazing sharp design, the theme easily offers the latest WordPress compatibility. In addition, it is fully SEO optimized. This theme as such, takes advantage of the most recent web technologies to rank your site.

Users have an easy time bringing out the best of their shots because Etudes comes with an impressive and easy color management functionality and an advanced side menu. These features as well as the six home page variants will help users create a fresh and inviting feeling with just a few clicks.

Its portfolio segment is perhaps the most important feature and one that makes it one of the leading WordPress photography themes. Etudes allows users to create an unlimited number of portfolio pages. This means you can exhibit the entire breadth of your work. The theme also comes with a standard blog so you can accompany your wonderful shots with appropriate literature.


Partout - Fullscreen Photography Theme
The Partout fullscreen Photography wordpress theme is generally a one-of-a-kind theme that can be used for a number of purposes, especially for website design overview. This is because it comes equipped with a number of features, looks as well as customizations that can suit you depending on your preference. It is a great photography theme featuring a number of awesome pictures for the environment, landscapes that just bring a wonderful design in general. The layout has also been designed in such a way that any website visitor can be able to easily and clearly read the web content. You will also get a variety of colors that you can use with your webpage.

For any wonderful and great website, the overall layout needs to be spectacular. The partout full screen word press theme comes with wonderful layouts, depending on your preference, such that you can be able to view content with ease. The general overview of the website is also able to flow with the layout of the word press theme for any setting that you want.

The theme also comes equipped with a number of portfolios if you are looking for a portfolio layout that can be able to match with your overview preference. For instance, if you want a wedding website or design, you will be able to get cool themes for use with the weddings which show the romance feeling and bring out the mood.

You will get a great feeling from the themes which will vary with the setting that you want, as there are a variety of themes with different looks and feels.
If you are looking for a great photography wordpress theme that you can be able to use for a variety of website or even settings, then this is the best theme that you ought to consider.


Foto - Photography WordPress Themes for Photographers
Have no clue on which photography theme to choose for your site? Every photo pundit who wants to showcase their creative photos faces the same agony?

However, you have two options:

Stay that way with a bad theme that commits suicide to your WordPress site, denying you visitors and clients or get yourself a unique photography theme called Foto.

What Is Foto?

It is painstakingly crafted for the hardcore photographer. The theme has a smooth creative interface which makes your photos look like HD images.
It comes with 18 types of images and 2o variations of a single gallery…Perfect for any photo junky who loves to organizes and put all their creative works in one place.
The theme is mobile responsive and runs across all the platforms… that means you never lose any visitor to your site.
Unlike other photography WordPress theme that are an uphill climb to use, this them is no-brainer. Easily designed so that anyone, including a grandma can easily customize it.
However, in case you run into any problem, you can contact support that will customize this theme for you.
Still not convinced if you need this best photography WordPress theme?
There is trail period, so that you can use it and make an informed decision if you want it.

Features of the theme:

Concept album selector makes it easy for you to choose which album you want to showcase Different header options to customize the look and feel for your wordpress site. SEO optimized. There is no reason why your site who rank in the search engine results, even Google loves Foto theme. 20 Variations of a single gallery, that means you will never run out of space as to where to keep and store your photo.
Your clients want an expert. Your client wants a person who can create awesome photos that they can brag to their friends. Fortunately, the Foto theme with its creative interfaces makes this possible. No other photography theme makes images look bold and eye-catching like like Foto.


Photonic - Fullscreen Photography Theme
If you are interested in making a photo centric website, rest assured you are not going to get a better theme than this. The best part about this theme is that it is not only offers you a chance to begin a simple photographer website but also this theme is equally effective when it comes to offering a full business solution for creative companies and wedding photographers.
As this theme is all about pictures, not much of a surprise that you get wide array of options with regard to portfolio galleries. It includes display filterables in addition to the ajax based portfolio. Then there is support of four columns as well as number of display options. The theme comes with both lightbox linked and direct linked.

The most important thing about Photonic Fullscreen Photography Theme is that you can custom linked it to any page, be it internal or external. For a professional photographer, the support of pagebuilder is an absolute necessity and with this theme you are going to get exactly that.
With the help of pagebuilder, you are not going to face any problem when it comes to creating layouts that are interesting and innovative. If you lack knowledge, predefined layouts can be of immense help.

One of the striking features of Photonic Fullscreen Photography Theme is that it has a responsive touch slide that gives you a complete overview of before and after image.

Some of the other features of this theme includes thumbnail galleries, photo proofing, client management and events. Talking about photo proofing, you get an access to client galleries with a facility of password. You can also lock screen with this theme for personalized feel. Managing is quite easy with Photonic Fullscreen Photography Theme.


Grand Photography - Photography WordPress
Introducing the Grand Photography WordPress theme. This is best photography WordPress theme for photographers looking for a way to showcase their works on a WordPress website. It is a unique photography theme with loads of features for the average photographer while still remaining incredibly lightweight. On installing the theme and trying it out for the first time, users will be greeted by a minimalistic lightweight layout perfect for displaying photos.

Appearance & Feel

This theme makes good use of white and grey colors to minimize distractions and bring your content to the spotlight.

It feels very lightweight and uses very little resources ensuring a fast loading website. You can customize this photography WordPress theme to your own personality to ensure that your website is different from the multitude of photography sites on the internet. Your visitors will be treated to a unique blend of a multimedia experience and speed. Not 1 second is wasted with this website. This ensures a maximum conversion rate for you.


This photography theme comes with a ton of features. It makes use of white space abundantly ensuring that your content is at the center of everything. Featuring one of the smoothest parallax effects ever seen on a photography WordPress theme, you can be sure of a visual treat to your visitors. You get over 144 predesigned galleries and pages to display your style making your website unique. With this theme, you can be sure of providing a unique experience for your visitors.

It also features a video parallax feature with support of YouTube and Vimeo videos to provide an even richer multimedia experience for your users.
When coupled with the WooCommerce plugin, this unique photography theme transforms into a money spinner. You can easily sell your photographs and artwork without hassle.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, this is the best photography WordPress theme you could possibly spend your money on. All in all, you will be hard pressed to find a better combination of affordability, features, and uniqueness in a photography WordPress theme.


Terschelling - Modern Photography WordPress Theme
Want to make an impact and make sure everyone out there sees you and feels what you exactly what you want them to when they see your picture? Then Terschelling is the theme for you! You get to experience technological elegance in WordPress elegance in one glance.

Terschelling is easily the best photography theme WordPress has to offer. It gives the user exactly the look and feel to go with the photos. With a variety of categories, the Terschelling theme gives comprehensive view for all your picture. It is quite difficult to point out the best part about this theme but one that needs to be commented on is the absolutely amazing gallery. Its gallery definitely puts this in a unique photography theme category with its wowing transition effects. It goes without say that people love choices, and this is perhaps what makes this theme virtually the best photography WordPress theme with a variety of options for your gallery view.

Apart from the amazing, the theme has a bunch of other amazing features including pages for your contact and information about you to an even more amazing portfolio page. Apart from the amazing links to social media pages, this theme goes an extra mile to give you a blog section that makes sure you stay in touch with your fans and get to give them the promptly updates on what you are on. The magic doesn’t just stop there, this theme gives you a state of the art shopping section where you can sell your products online with images. Photography has never been better than this, it’s virtually your own showroom!!

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you definitely want this theme working for you. It’s just the right amount of elegant and class that you want your fans to relate your photos to not mentioning you get to have your own online shop giving you an edge and more control over your competition.


Bild — A Focused WordPress Photography Theme
Every beautiful website needs a beautiful and attractive theme to attract users. Bild is a WordPress theme which is specially designed for Photography portfolio websites. Theme is an unique photography theme on wordpress. This is a strong typography and minimalist design photography theme. Bild is one of the great match because of it’s clean aesthetics. Bild is a very light weight theme which is a really important thing for photography website. Every photography website is loaded with lots of high quality images so website usually takes a lot time to load a full page. A light weight theme helps websites to load faster. All WordPress themes included Bild have features of automatic image optimization. An automatic image optimization help to optimize images without automatically when a image uploaded means no particular action required and this features helps to load your website faster. Theme is a beautiful theme and can be used for fashion and lifestyle photography, art photography, nature and wild life photography, food photography, architecture photography, urban and street photography etc. This theme give you a great match with your genre does not matter would it be. This theme can be use to organize you picture or images into portfolio. Bild is includes feature automatic shacked which automatically create grids of image or pictures.
Bild is the best photography WordPress theme with some amazing and unique features, It’s Retina ready and fully responsive with mobile friendly feature. This is a high resolution theme swipe images option.
Features: Social Networking optionCustom or editable footer option,Responsive: Fully responsive with customizable layout option,Device friendly: Mobile and all other device Friendly,Image slider or slide show option,Custom logo option,CSS and JS file option,Fully Optimized for SEO friendly,Different skin color option,
Compatibility with browsers: IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge.
Compatible with also Facebook and Boostrap 3X.Widgets option available with custom built,Developer package,Back and slider animated buttons, Custom heading option.


Borano - Photography and Portfolio WordPress Theme
So, you are an awesome photographer with amazing skills using the camera but you just can’t reach the audience you want wish or you maybe just need to upgrade and touch just a little bit of a larger crowd, your solution is right here. You’ve probably heard of photography WordPress themes and one of the best of such is the Borano theme. The Borano theme is ideal for you with the look and feel that will absolutely attract the photo enthusiasts out there and give you the edge you need to make photo geeks from anyone out there.

The Borano theme is a unique photography theme that uses all the latest features and tweaks in the web developer’s world with smooth transitions for your pictures and what’s even better you can use videos too on your website. So if you have some awesome videos you would like your audience to see, that’s the theme for you. The Borano theme has a variety of menu options ranging from portfolios, change of view for your images, an about you section and even a contacts section where you can have your contact details for your fans or even potential investors.

Now I know you probably have a blog and don’t want to leave that behind, and this is the genius part of this theme, it also doubles as a blog for all those fancy literature you will want your fans to read with the best security ensures put in place to make sure you have absolutely all rights to your site and no-one else can hack and maybe destroy your content.

It’s very easy to use for beginners so don’t even worry about having to know too much t use the theme. so if you want to have that advantage over other photographers and make sure the world sees your true potential, then Borano theme will definitely do that for you. I can assure you that it is easily the best photography WordPress theme out there and a must have


Mauna - full screen portfolio & agency theme
In order to be a successful content creator in WordPress, one must not just focus on the matter but also the design and visual appeal. Thus, to create attractive blogs, choosing relevant and engaging themes are a must. But before choosing a theme, one should know what it conveys and how.

Mauna is a theme that is both sophisticated and vibrant. The classy attribute of this WordPress theme comes from the high definition photography that so vividly brings alive the subject of each picture. This combined with the type face creates a very suave ambiance. The fonts used in the theme have been carefully picked to reflect a certain variety that is very common to the internet blogging sphere. The fonts can very well fit into the categories of fashion, photography, luxury, pop art, portfolio, wedding, music and events.

Mauna is very specific to an elegant and swanky look and feel. It helps in creating a visually stunning blog by combining key elements of designing. The color combination is bold yet elusive, the photography animatedly captures the critical essence and the lay out is simplistically classy providing just enough breathing space for the reader to read and reflect. The particularity of each subject in the pictures is enhanced to an extent where, a reader can get half the message just by looking at the agreeable visual display. Wordings of the topic when showcased in the this theme’s fonts can maximize the intention of the reader to focus more intently and deviate less, while the hues and tonality used for each set of picture provides a definite setting to mark one’s own niche. All of these attributes combined together, brings alive a theme that is exclusive yet flexible, approachable yet sophisticated. Mauna can beautifully stretch and fit into a writer’s perception and a reader’s imagination.


Photography and Gallery – Travis Photo
Are you a photographer looking for a perfect photography WordPress theme to use on your blog or website? This page will introduce you to the Travis WordPress Theme ( This unique WordPress template is one of the best Photography Themes on the internet. It comes with amazing features and functions that will make your blog unique, attractive and efficient.h6

Theme Features

Different Galleries: The Travis Theme comes with 11 different galleries for you to choose. You have the power to select a gallery for any image format and style. Besides, the Album feature gives you the freedom to classify or sort your pictures by subject.

Ultra-modern Fullscreen Design: This feature gives you the power to customize any layout, color, image, and skin. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to choose menus, icons and font styles.

Full-Screen Video Gallery: Do you want to show your Vimeo or YouTube videos in the best way possible? The Travis theme comes with the Fullscreen-Video-Gallery functionality to help you view your videos in a unique way on your website. Simply add one or several for each web page.

Different Blog and Portfolio Layout: Set different blog and portfolio layouts using this feature. From standard and Fullscreen post formats to video and image formats, possibilities are unlimited.

Easily Customizable Admin Settings: The flexible admin settings of the Travis WordPress theme gives you the power to use different menu styles. Also, this feature allows you to use different colors, backgrounds and font settings. You can also use both light and dark skins.

Unique Scattered Gallery: This prime feature allows you to create amazing galleries.

Choose Your Menu: With the Travis theme, you can change your menu style easily to suit your needs. You have freedom to choose from the traditional text-based menu or the modern icon menu. Additionally, you can add share buttons to your menu to get socialized!

Mobile Ready: Apart from being efficient and perfectly functional on the computer, the theme also works excellent on any mobile device. What’s more? This theme also comes with clean and well-structured HTML 5 code.

Final Purport

Are you out to make your photography website outstanding and unique? The Travis theme is your lifetime friend. If you need any professional support to set up this theme on your site, just get in touch with the reliable support team.


Agatha - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme
Agatha is an amazing photography theme you need to checkout, before creating your photography portfolio website. This WordPress theme feels light on your browser. It is packed with myriad features and customization options. Its one of the best photography WordPress themes, you would see on themeforest. With promised 6 months of support, Agatha theme definitely has a lot to offer.

First Impression

Though packed with features, this site looks simplest. The page content and menus fits to the size of the browser. It would mean no scrolling required, least in the homepage. The social media component of your site are hidden neatly in ‘extras’ menu. It looks a lot similar to the settings icon you would see in most modern day browsers.

Awesome Features

Agatha comes with Virtual composer, enabling you to build pages via drag and drop. Quick designing is a real prospect. The content can be translated without any hassles in this theme. Agatha features a huge collection on Google fonts. Webmasters can be more expressive with endless icons collection. With friendly customer support, hassle free-experience with this WordPress theme is guaranteed.

Color schemes

The theme comes in dual versions – light and dark. The newest ‘dark’ version features black background as default. The scrolling banners and graphics are on brighter end of the scale. It works completely vice versa with the ‘light’ version. Upon mouse-over, the menus respond in colors that follows the theme. You have unlimited colors to pick from, for customization options.


The simple yet sophisticated design is just an eye candy. Agatha is not a run of the mills photography theme. It has something unique to offer through its ‘minimalistic’ tag. It has ticked all the critical boxes, in regards to web design basics. The awesomeness of the theme extends to mobile devices too. This is definitely the responsive photography theme to look out for in 2016-17.


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