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Build a World Class Online Store with eCommerce WordPress Themes

WordPress has revolutionized how business is conducted online. The types of online businesses running on this content management system range from blogs to eCommerce websites by unsing eCommerce WordPress Themes. If you intend to start an eCommerce business, WooCommerce is one of your best options. This is largely due to the fact that its free and it runs on WordPress which accounts for over half of the websites on the internet today.

Like most eCommerce platforms available today, simply setting up your store on WooCommerce isn’t enough to get you going. You’ll need to get the best eCommerce/WooCommerce WordPress themes for your store. It might require an initial investment buy it usually pays off in the end. Here are some advantages of Woo templates.

Full compatibility with WooCommerce plugin and WordPress core

In May 2015, Automatic (company that owns purchased the WooCommerce plugin. This acquisition meant that any new Woo theme needs to be built based on the strict developer guidelines. In addition, the template needs to be fully compatible with the plugin as well as WordPress core. For the store owner, this means that you won’t need to worry about your store crashing of being inaccessible to customers.

Build a unique online store

One of the hardest challenges for online store owners is building a unique store. This allows them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. A major shortcoming of online stores built on content management systems is that they always seem to look alike. Changing the WordPress core isn’t allowed so you’re technically stuck with a generic look to your website unless you use a theme. Themes make it possible to create an entirely unique store that truly reflects your brand, products and target market. If you find a theme that you particularly like but has been downloaded hundreds of times, you can still customize it to make it truly unique.

Focus on marketing your products

Many of the WooCommerce templates are designed to handle the technical aspects of your online store. You don’t need to worry about adding custom code to add a specific functionality to your store. This is usually handled for you. Once you have a theme, running your store can be as simple as adding your products through a few clicks. You can then focus on marketing your products and driving customers to your store.

Get support when you need it

Since its acquisition by Automatic, WooCommerce has been regularly updated to make it the most secure and efficient eCommerce platform. Many template developers are now offering their client’s support with regard to keeping their themes compatible to the latest WordPress and WooCommerce updates. In addition, theme developers have dedicated support teams to ensure that their client’s sites are running efficiently.
Finding the best eCommerce theme for your WooCommerce online store increases your chances of running a successful online business. Although there are many themes to choose from, only a few will actually be the best fit for your store. However, it’s essential that you find a theme that comes with excellent support, is easily customizable and, handles most of the technical aspects of running an online store.


A Creative Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress theme. Delphinus is a high-end, fully featured and highly-customizable multipurpose ecommerce WordPress theme. The theme contains clean code that makes it a fast loading theme and it’s structured simply enough making it highly user-friendly. This woocommerce has a highly intuitive user interface that’s retina ready and clearly shows the products in your WordPress eCommerce store. Worried about your mobile visitors? Then worry not as this ecommerce wordpress theme is mobile ready and responsive to fit any screen size with compromising on functionality.

Delphinus comes with full support for the best wordpress customizer plugin; Visual composer, making it easier to add customizations on the go. This wordpress ecommerce theme comes with an enhanced slider revolution plugin for your store. With the IconMinds icon plugin, you have access to hundreds of custom icons that create a unique aesthetic look and feel for your wordpress ecommerce store. Delphinus also supports the Megamenu plugin which provides an easy and intuitive drag and drop interface menu that turns the standard menu redundant. This ecommerce wordpress theme comes with the 1 click demo import allowing you to choose from 9+ premade homepage and 6 Woocommerce shop layouts giving you the ability to customize your store for a unique modern look.Delphinus has full ajax ready allowing for support of plugin like ajax shopping, ajax add to cart creating an Amazon competitor store.

What about SEO?

Having an SEO optimized store is a must for all modern websites, and this ecommerce wordpress theme is SEO ready making it easier to get on top of the SERPs. With support for Mailchimp Sync you can keep an updated list of Mailchimp users from your customer email list.Built by a team of skilled WordPress developers they always ensure you have the latest theme with free updates and support. With a well-documented setup-tutorial means you don’t need advanced computer skills to install this beautiful wordpress woocommerce theme for your e-store.


We know you’ve seen all these retail sites in the market. Do you really want to add on to them? If you’re looking for a way to cut through the clutter, then you’ll need a website that is easy to use and functional enough for your one-man show.

The theme Gon was recently created last November 2015, entering the world of e-commerce WordPress themes. It is constantly updated by its developers, Sky group. Its goal, like all WordPress commerce themes, is to make your life easier by coming up with a site that’s easily customizable, easily documented, has ongoing support and is more distinct than the free themes out there. It also has a lot of the configurations needed for e-commerce.

For those who are a bit clueless as to what to do, WordPress allows you to purchase and install these premium websites that will ride on to their Visual Composer and integrate their code into the WordPress platform. It’s as easy as installing the theme Gon into the WordPress admin panel.

The Visual Composer Plugin is included in the theme. That means you won’t have any problems integrating your designs into their ready presets. They’ve also integrated options like over 80 color presets that you can mix and match. If not, you can still completely customize it with a Custom CSS code. If you’re looking to include multiple vendors, you can install the Dokan plugin, and if you’re looking to have an auction platform, you can also add in the WooCommerce plugin to make that possible.


Any content on a website is easier to process by a reader when it is supported by an appealing picture. E-commerce is fully relying on pictures and you can’t possibly imagine an online shop that doesn’t use photos dominating over text. Bronx WordPress E-commerce theme is designed to fit into that philosophy and to provide you with a neat and attractive look for your online shop.
Wordpress loves functionality and Bronx is another proof to that. But as any other WordPress theme, it’s not just a cramped design where more means better. Bronx is different than classic webpages. It’s full of pictures, full of options and full of space for your creativity but it always looks great, no matter of the device that displays it.

Bronx WordPress Theme – Your Way to Keep your Clients On Your Page

The main feature of this theme is the lack of a big banner which usually contains the shop’s name and logo. On Bronx, the big banner was replaced with a smaller bar connected to a neat, dropdown menu. A broad slider pays the main role in this theme. All the elements of the page, such as menu, are well synchronized with the colours of each photo appearing on that slider. It’s hard to deny that it’s a great idea: a big, attention drawing picture with a catchy phrase. An average visitor needs just a few seconds to decide whether they want to remain on the page – and Bronx allows to use this time in your favour.

This theme bases on a drag and drop style of interface, so any picture, any slider and any banner can be moved freely without the need of entering the site’s code. It’s extremely important for those shops who value their independence and simply wish to do all the work around the site on their own. Bronx is exactly like this: easy to manage, full of slideshows and galleries. It minimizes the need of creating a long content for the main page. Bronx’ designers know that creating a WordPress e-commerce theme is all about looking. This one gives a lot to look at.


BASEL is specifically designed for those who want to share their company’s products and gather more clients online. The new drag and drop design gives a new flexibility to your website builder, It will manage a lot of store that will look perfect at the end of your work.

This theme has more features that will surely help you to re-design your website, It Is simply fantastic but the most impressive is its customer support. It is easy to use and handle. You do not really need to be website designer to be a master of creating your own website, In fact that is the purpose of this theme, to make you feel just as real website designer master.

BASEL will definitely bring more customers to your business. It does not matter If you are new on the business or you have been already established In competition for a very long time. We are sure this theme, with Its great features will make your business grow In just days. Your home page will always look beautiful and simple for your customer’s eyes. We do not want any of your customers to feel dumb or uncomfortable at navigating throughout your website. As a matter of fact, all of the new customer’s out there are looking for an user friendly vendor that can give them access to all they need by just a few click here and there.

To conclude, do not think about it again and give a try to this new tool given to you by our word press experts. They will always be here to help us out to make the web a better and an easier place for all.


Savoy is a high resolution, widget ready responsive theme great for ecommerce. This theme has a great layout to list your portfolio, products, product descriptions with special features like a full-screen gallery for product images, retina ready graphics, mouse-over zoom and pan option and improved performance of product loading. From the beginning itself, the website feels professional and trustworthy with extensive options to shop.

This theme is compatible with all of the major browsers and languages and come with features that can help make the website dynamic and unique. Its modern and minimalist design is geared towards emphasizing the product. The layout displays the products prominently with little clutter. There are no distracting features and yet, all of the product categories can be easily accessed. Even more, it is very efficient on the mobile platform as well which is an important aspect of expanding the scope of business.

Truly powerful theme

This theme is technically astute as well It is fully AJAX enabled with no plugins required, capable of AJAX product search, speed and SEO optimized and Login and Register pop-up modal. User experience is enhanced by product quick-view, full-width layout, featured product video and touch enabled sliders and galleries.

This theme’s range of customization and efficiency of support is special as well. The design has room for creative customization. The designer can use the drag-and-drop page builder using the visual composer and the theme also includes the slider revolution. These are just few of the custom page builder elements and along with the extensive theme options panel each website can look attractive, useful and different. Furthermore, this theme can display separate logos in a floating or mobile header and is translation capable.

For developers the theme has free automatic updates, eextensive documentation to refer to in problems, a great support staff and demos to help get started.


Kallyas is a massive and expansive wordpress theme that has enjoyed a lot of purchases, thanks to its multiple layout option and unique design elements. Thousands of web designers and website owners have used Kallyas to churn out professional looking websites. With over 150 advanced design elements and customizer options, you can actually design the website or e-commerce store of your dreams within minutes. It boasts having an out of the box page builder that gives the user different design options. So, if you are looking to build aesthetically polished and visually appealing woocommerce shops with ease and speed, then you will enjoy using the front end builder of this theme.

WooCommerce power

The theme has majored on perfecting e-commerce creation bringing together the the powerful design options to help create stunning woocommerce shops swiftly. Not many wordpress themes have mastered the art of e-commerce creation and most of those available have many flaws. Kallyas aims to fill that flexibility gap that many of these wordpress themes have failed to provide. The theme also provides a fast loading and SEO optimized capabilities for sites and stores which enables pages and product listings enjoy better search engine visibility. Another unique feature with this theme is that the possibly of bringing together multi-site and unique pages functionality is now a reality.

A well structured theme with a wide range of options is what everyone is looking for and Kallyas bearing these superb options has all this spot on. With a revolutionary interface and an assortment of powerhouse features that lets you create stunning websites, this is a theme worth investing on. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated multipurpose wordpress ecommerce theme or just need something simple, the possibilities with this theme are endless.
Kallyas is one of the few themes in the industry that makes web designing both easy and fun.