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- Introduction -

Once you have WordPress installed, you soon realize that there's more information needed to actually get the site off the ground. Although there are many resources out there to help you perform specific tasks such as customizing themes or working with a particular plugin, they're usually scattered among different sites.

WordPress Guides From Beginner to Professional

Our WordPress guides from beginner to professional are meant to provide a one stop resource for all your WordPress needs. Whether you're a beginner looking for information on how to set up your site or, experienced WordPress user looking for a guide on the best plugins, templates and hacks, our collection of useful guides will help you out. Each of the guides in our collection is aimed at providing practical steps and solutions to a specific problem. They have been prepared by professional WordPress developers and have helped thousands of website owners and developers build successful online businesses.

How To Insert Tables In a WordPress Post Or Page

Did you ever want to use a table inside a WordPress post and you didn’t have a clue on how to do it? Did you ever want to structure your content or even align the images in a post and you ended up wasting your precious time searching for a table button in vain? If that sounds familiar, then this article is for you. What you are about to learn is how to use tables in WordPress efficiently, without being…
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How To Remove The “Leave a reply” From Your WordPress Pages And Posts

How To Remove The “Leave a reply” Box From Your WordPress Pages And Posts WordPress is a powerful blogging and content management system (CMS for simplicity’s sake). Sometimes, however, some of its features that belong to the blogging part are a little impractical when it comes to the CMS part. One of them is the Leave a reply box which appears by default on each and every page and posts of your website. In this short guide, we will examine…
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How to receive your contact form emails on your phone?

What if you sent an email message using a contact form you found on a website and the owner of the site never responded to you? What if they responded after a few days apologizing for the delay, saying they hadn’t checked their e-mail for some days? Wouldn’t it result in a loss of credibility and respect towards them? It surely would! So, what can you do to avoid having such a situation happening to you? In plain words, how…
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How to auto post your blog posts on Facebook

How to auto post your WordPress blog posts on Facebook? Imagine the following scenario: You own 10 blogs on various topics and niches. You publish one or two posts each day on each blog. This makes about 20 blog posts per day. Quite tiring, isn’t it? And what about keeping your relevant Facebook groups or pages updated on the posts you’ve published? Wouldn’t it take an extra 1 hour of your precious time, minimum? In this guide, you will learn…
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How to use Aweber Autoresponder

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve created an excellent business, personal, or even commercial blog. You’ve also published some well-written articles that get thousands of visitors. After some days or weeks perhaps, you decide to post a follow-up article to help them expand their knowledge or even to convince them to buy something from you. How can you notify them for the new post? Wouldn’t it be a shame if only a tiny portion of them eventually read the new article?…
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How to use the WordPress Editor

So you now have your WordPress installation in place. Congratulations! You’re surely looking forward to creating your fantastic content to impress the world. So where do you start? To create beautiful, eye-catching content, you must first get familiar with the default WordPress text editor. In this guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about the default WordPress text editor, plus some alternatives and tweaks to make your life even easier. Please make sure you read the guide in its…
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