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- Introduction -

Once you have WordPress installed, you soon realize that there's more information needed to actually get the site off the ground. Although there are many resources out there to help you perform specific tasks such as customizing themes or working with a particular plugin, they're usually scattered among different sites.

WordPress Guides From Beginner to Professional

Our WordPress guides from beginner to professional are meant to provide a one stop resource for all your WordPress needs. Whether you're a beginner looking for information on how to set up your site or, experienced WordPress user looking for a guide on the best plugins, templates and hacks, our collection of useful guides will help you out. Each of the guides in our collection is aimed at providing practical steps and solutions to a specific problem. They have been prepared by professional WordPress developers and have helped thousands of website owners and developers build successful online businesses.

How to Create a WordPress Maintenance Mode Page on Your Site

How would you like it if your visitors landed on your site only to find out it is broken or out of service while you were updating it or changing any layout elements? Wouldn’t that result in a loss of reputation if your precious visitors had no clue about what happened to your website? Of course it would! To avoid such an embarrassing scenario, you must create a proper WordPress maintenance mode page. This page will inform anyone who visits…
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How to use the POedit to translate your WordPress site

If you have already read our article on WordPress translation, you should be aware of the fact that you can translate your WordPress site to fit your needs and your visitors’ needs to almost any language you like. You can find the article by following this link: In that article, we explored what your options are when it comes to WordPress site translation. We also examined how you can change the Dashboard language as well as the front-end website…
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How to Use the GetResponse Autoresponder with WordPress

If you have already read our article “How to integrate Aweber autoresponder with WordPress”, you probably know by now what an autoresponder is. You also understand the enormous potential that comes with using an autoresponder on your website. The purpose of this article is to take the topic of autoresponders a step further, presenting you with an alternative to the Aweber service called GetResponse. What is GetResponse and why do I need it for WordPress? GetResponse is an autoresponder service…
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How to upload a Pdf file to your WordPress site

Do you have a Pdf file you want to upload to your site so that your visitors can download and read it offline? Do you have a gift for them? Do you have a free e-book for your visitors or list subscribers perhaps? Whichever might your situation be, you will need to know how to upload a pdf file to your WordPress website. This guide will teach you how to do this efficiently. Please keep on reading if you want…
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How to create a XML Sitemap for your WordPress site?

How would you like it if you created content that Google or any other search engine never saw (indexed)? What would it mean for you and your business if you could somehow notify Google about the existence of a page or post and Google eventually sent traffic to it? Simply put, wouldn’t you do what you should, to have more visitors see your content? If the answer is a “Yes,” make sure you read our guide. Your solution is only…
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How to Add a Table of Contents in Your WordPress Posts or Pages

Did you ever wonder about what makes the Wikipedia website so attractive? Besides offering free information and having tons of content, what does it make really excel comparing to other online encyclopedias? What does it make UNIQUE? Are you still struggling to answer? Let’s make it a bit easier for you. It is the navigation system of Wikipedia that allows any visitor to find what they really want to find almost instantly. This is mainly due to the table of…
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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Gone are the days when a WordPress site owner could just create their WordPress website, stuff it with plugins, populate their content with images of any size and quality, and hit the Publish button without a second thought. Why? The reason is simple. You need speed! In fact, you need your WordPress site to be as fast as possible to provide a smooth user experience. What this means for you is that your website will be able to attract the…
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How to make your WordPress site private

Last week, while checking emails from our visitors, we came across two, almost identical messages. Their subjects were: “How do I make a post or page private on my #WordPress site?” and “How do I make a whole WordPress website private?”. These two messages aroused our curiosity on the subject and made us want to take a closer look at the options that exist. Wait! Who would want their WordPress blog to be private? The answer is a multi-dimensional one.…
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How to Create and Add a Forum to your WordPress Site

How would you like it if you could create a forum in your existing WordPress site? Wouldn’t it make your website more interactive and attractive for your visitors? It surely would. In fact, it would result in your website becoming a live and dynamic community instead of the static, informational website it is now. What this means for you is more engaged visitors, more visits, more recurring (i.e. returning) visitors. Simply put, having a forum in your WordPress site is…
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How to change the default WordPress Language

What if you could change the WordPress language and have all the WordPress menus in your native language? What if a client of yours asked for a translated version of WordPress so they could navigate on their site and publish content easier? Wouldn’t it be a nice addition to your WordPress arsenal if you could change the English that WordPress uses to a more localized language? Well, get ready because in this short guide you will find out how you…
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