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- Introduction -

Once you have WordPress installed, you soon realize that there's more information needed to actually get the site off the ground. Although there are many resources out there to help you perform specific tasks such as customizing themes or working with a particular plugin, they're usually scattered among different sites.

WordPress Guides From Beginner to Professional

Our WordPress guides from beginner to professional are meant to provide a one stop resource for all your WordPress needs. Whether you're a beginner looking for information on how to set up your site or, experienced WordPress user looking for a guide on the best plugins, templates and hacks, our collection of useful guides will help you out. Each of the guides in our collection is aimed at providing practical steps and solutions to a specific problem. They have been prepared by professional WordPress developers and have helped thousands of website owners and developers build successful online businesses.

How to Use the MailChimp Autoresponder with your WordPress Website

If you’ve been following our articles on the Aweber and GetResponse autoresponders, then you should probably know by now the advantages of combining one of them with a WordPress website. In this guide you will learn about a popular alternative to the autoresponders mentioned above; it is the MailChimp autoresponder. As you are about to read in the following paragraphs, Mailchimp can provide you with a top-notch autoresponder and e-mail management service. It’s not only the quality of service of…
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The best free WordPress themes for businesses – 2017 edition

Gone are the days when business owners had to rely solely on their mouth-to-mouth and other traditional marketing means. Having a successful business in 2017 means having a modern, eye-catching, and converting website. You don’t have to worry, however, neither if you are not a tech-savvy person, nor if you don’t have the budget to afford professional website designer services. The WordPress community has got you covered. In fact, combining WordPress with some of the best free themes that are…
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How to install WordPress theme on your site

Whether you are a new WordPress user or a seasoned WordPress guru you should know that WordPress is equipped with limited options when it comes to its default themes. Even if the WordPress community strives to provide people with updated and new themes with every WordPress update, the result is a bit disappointing. What this means for you is that you should learn how to install WordPress theme on your websites if you want to build beautiful and functional websites.…
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How to add live chat support to your WordPress site

When it comes to visitor engagement, live chat support is one of a kind. Having a chat platform installed on your website makes your visitors feel more comfortable and safer as if they were in a real-life room or shop. Simply put, visitors to websites containing chat support are more likely to stay longer at a website, browse more, or even, purchase more. It’s just a matter of psychology. Besides, the average visit duration is one of the key factors…
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How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site

How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Site What would it mean if you had a way to know everything about the visitors of your website? Everything! Their age, their sex, their country, the keywords that lead them to your site, which types of social media they use. Wouldn’t it be pure power in your hands? Wouldn’t you adjust the content of your site to make it more compelling for your audience? The answer is a straightforward YES! “Wait!…
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How to Backup your WordPress Site Database with plugin

Imagine the following scenario: ”A critical damage occurs to the server on which your website is hosted. Then, there’s a terrible data loss, and you cannot recover your site. Or is it a customer’s website which you have spent hundreds of hours to design and maintain?“ If your response was “No way! These things don’t happen!”, then welcome to my world! My hosting provider company was hacked just a year ago, and I had to build almost 15 websites from…
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How to protect your WordPress website against copyright infringement

Whether you’ve written the content of your WordPress site/blog by yourself, or you’ve outsourced it by paying a ghostwriter to write it for you, one thing is for sure; you don’t want anybody to mess with it. By saying, mess with it, we mean that you don’t want to risk your content being copied, shared, scraped, framed, etc. without any attribution to its creator or owner that is you and your website. In other words, you don’t want to see…
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How to create a back up your WordPress Website using Duplicator

In a previous guide of ours, we examined how you can back up the Database of your WordPress website to avoid any implications caused by hacking, server malfunctioning, or even physical disaster. You can find our popular guide following this link. This time, however, we decided to take a step even further. What we are about to show you is how to create a backup of an entire WordPress website. This will not only allow you to be assured about…
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How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC using XAMPP

Have you ever wanted to have a WordPress installation on your desktop to test any new themes or plugins? Have you ever wanted to give a local site to a client of yours to allow them to get accustomed with WordPress without worrying about the safety of the real website? If the answer to any of the questions above is a YES, then you’ve just come to the right place! This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing…
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How to add different sidebars on different pages or posts in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how you could add different sidebars on different pages or posts in WordPress? Have you ever wanted to explain anything in your content by using your sidebar to do so? Have you ever wanted to offer a gift to visitors that land on a particular page on your website without this offer to appear on the other pages of your website? If the answer to the above questions is affirmative, then get ready to know how…
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