How to add live chat support to your WordPress site

When it comes to visitor engagement, live chat support is one of a kind. Having a chat platform installed on your website makes your visitors feel more comfortable and safer as if they were in a real-life room or shop. Simply put, visitors to websites containing chat support are more likely to stay longer at a website, browse more, or even, purchase more. It’s just a matter of psychology. Besides, the average visit duration is one of the key factors that Google values to rank a website higher. So, how would you like it if you had a chat support system installed on your WordPress site? Would you turn away from the above benefits? If you think it’s time for you to install a chat platform on your site, then make sure you read this guide and prepare yourself for a better communication with your visitors.

Chat Plugins for WordPress: What to look for?

At the time of writing this article (i.e. September 2016), there are a plethora of plugins suitable for hosting a fully functional live chat support system on your WordPress website, free and paid ones. That being said, we tried to find a WordPress chat plugin which meets the following criteria:

  • It is a free plugin.
  • It is a frequently updated chat plugin
  • It is a quality plugin without interruptions of service.
  • It is a beautiful plugin. This means that it will create nice chat boxes for your visitors’ eyes.
  • It is a fully functional, two-way chat platform. This means that you will be able to be in touch with your visitors 24/7, from your desktop or even on mobile devices.
  • It is a popular plugin. The more 5-star ratings and the more active installs it had, the better were the chances of it being an excellent plugin.

After taking the criteria mentioned above into consideration, we decided to demonstrate the “” chat plugin for WordPress.

What the heck is “”? Is it really a good plugin?

No! isn’t just a good plugin. It should be considered as the best chat plugin for WordPress currently available. “Wow! Strong words!” you might think. Well, even if you believe that we have exaggerated a bit, our enthusiasm is evident here. The reason is simple. We’ve managed to install, configure, and test the plugin in a matter of 3 minutes. Yes, you’ve read it well. 3 minutes flat. Plus, it is a free plugin, offering more than you could ever imagine: professional-looking chat boxes, multisite monitoring, multiple agent accounts, and free Android, Mac, and iOS apps to monitor your sites no matter which device you use. Aren’t you satisfied yet? You surely are! So, let’s waste no more time. Let’s see how you can you use “” to allow your websites to respond to visitors in real time. WordPress chat plugin setup guide

The install and configuration processes of are relatively easy. Let’s examine them step-by-step:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Plugins>Add New on your navigation bar.

Step 3: Type “” in the search box at the upper right of your screen

Step 4: Locate the “” plugin, install it, and activate it.

Step 5: Once the plugin is activated, navigate to Settings> On the page that loads click on “Go to” link as shown in the following image.


Step 6: On the page that loads, you will be able to create an entirely free account. Fill in your credentials and click on the “sign up for free” button.


Step 7: After signing up, you will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the appropriate link inside the e-mail you have received. Congratulations! You can now use “” to create your chat boxes.

Step 8: Once your account is confirmed, you will be taken to the chat creation wizard. (If the wizard doesn’t appear, you can create a new chat box by clicking the “Admin” button at the top of your screen and the “Add Property” button on the next screen). Enter the details about the site on which you want the chat box to appear and click Next.



Step 9: After clicking next, you will be able to create new agents that will be able to react to any messages you receive via the chat boxes on your site. If you don’t want to add new agents, just click on the “Skip this step” button.


Step 10: On the next popup window you will be able to download the install chat widget or the plugin for any content management system you want to use the chat box on. This window is only for people who haven’t installed the “” plugin on their websites yet. But you already did this in Step No4, remember? In plain words, just skip this step and click on the “Done” button.


Step 11: Return to the settings page in your WordPress Dashboard. If you aren’t logged in the website, enter the credentials you filled in when you created your account. Your screen should look as follows:


Select the name of the site you want to have the chat box appearing and just select the default widget.

Step 12: Choose where the chat box will appear on your site. By default, the box will appear on every page and post. We suggest you leave as it is, and just click on “Save Changes” button.


That’s it! You’ve just configured your chat boxes. Refresh your website and take a look at the bottom right of it. A chat box is ready and waiting for your visitors to contact you. Well done!

add_chat_to_wordpress_site-6 chat plugin: An optional, yet powerful step

Now you have configured the plugin correctly, a final step remains if you want to harness its power entirely. How would you like it if you didn’t need to stay in front of your desktop to respond to your visitors? Wouldn’t it be nice for you to have the ability to answer to them from your mobile phone or tablet? It surely would! So, don’t waste any more time. Just download the appropriate application depending on the operating system of your mobile device, enter your credentials and you will be able to respond to your visitors from your mobile device 24/7. Cool, isn’t it?


This concludes our guide on how to add a chat box to your WordPress site. We covered everything you need to know about installing, configuring and using a very useful and totally free chat plugin for WordPress, called “”. So, hurry up! Start using it right now to communicate with your visitors and bring the power of live chat support to your precious website. This is how businesses and websites grow! Good Luck and Thank you for reading!