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Leverage Real Estate WordPress Themes to Build Your Business.

Realtors and real estate agencies have turned to the internet as a way of getting new clients. This has enabled them to leverage online marketing, get more clients and, lower marketing costs. For the top real estate agent, one of the most important online marketing tools is a WordPress website. It gives them a central location where they can sell their service and, enable clients to find them. However, simply setting up a WordPress site isn’t enough. Building a real estate website that truly reflects their business, service and brand is crucial to success. That’s why choosing the best real estate WordPress themes is necessary.

If you’re in the real estate business and building a WordPress site, here are some reasons why you need to invest in a quality theme.

Your business is unique.

Although it falls under the huge real estate industry, you should consider your business unique. You might target clients from a specific state, age group and even specific types of real estate. This is your unique selling proposition. As such, your real estate website needs to reflect on this USP. The right theme can easily differentiate your business from others within the industry. For example, using custom color schemes, images and backgrounds your target clients can relate to can help you land more business.

Make it easy for clients to find you online.

Online marketing can be expensive if you were to hire professional marketers to run your campaigns. But what if your site is built to handle some of the tasks for you? You’d save on expenses and, be able to focus on dealing with clients rather than marketing your business. Many of the real estate themes for WordPress are designed with features that make online marketing easy. Some features include SEO friendliness, responsive design and social media integration.

Build a credible brand.

Today, branding plays an integral part for any business’ success. It involves a number of things including the color scheme and layout of your website. The WordPress template you choose for your site today will mark the beginning of your branding process. You’ll probably stick to it for years to come because it’s what your clients identify your business with. Your theme is what will also distinguish your brand from other online real estate websites that are built on WordPress.

Many styles and layouts to choose from.

What does your dream real estate website look like? If you simply want a site that provides details about your service, a small portfolio and contact details, a one page theme would do. If you prefer to rely heavily on content marketing, a multi-page or blog style theme will do. The different styles, designs and layouts available make it easy for you to start building a unique brandable real estate website immediately.

If you want to leverage the internet to build your real estate business, your best bet for building a unique website is WordPress. There are many real estate themes for WordPress to choose from. Below, we have a huge collection of the best theme available online.

Select one today and start building your real estate business.


If you are looking for a professional, engaging, fully responsive, and above all, clean WordPress theme for your Real Estate Website, then Houzez is your sure bet. Given the versatility of Houzez, you will be able to “Present Everything You Want, The Way You Want It”.

What’s in for the visitor?

The visitor, right on their visit, faces a clean layout, allowing them to focus on the important details of each asset. The design of the theme is simply state-of-the-art; clean, responsive, eye-catching, and fast.
An advanced search module helps the visitor find what exactly they seek, using price, location, surface and many other filters.
Furthermore, the theme is 100% responsive, allowing visitors from desktop and mobile devices as well, to enjoy the visit.

What’s in for the Real Estate Agency?

Houzez theme contains everything that the Real Estate Agent might want.
First of all, unique, engaging, attention-grabbing design. Any real estate asset is presented in a stylish, yet simple way, allowing the visitor to concentrate on the core elements of the property.
Also, and this distinguishes Houzez from other similar themes, the Agency gets a fully functional Property Management System alongside with a masterfully crafted website. It is all there, waiting to be used: A Marketplace, Geo-mapping, video backgrounds, membership groups, pricing tables, contact forms (using contact-form-7 plugin integration), and maps only to mention some.
Besides, the integration of the theme with Mailchimp allows the Agency to keep in touch with their visitors and potential customers.
Full social media integration: Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, Google Plus and many other options are included in the social media plugin.
Also, with the powerful front-end property submission and control panel, options clients can upload and manage their assets anytime using templates and page demos.
Customize your website the way you want. Colors, bars, headers, images, sliders can be customized to fit your needs and increase conversion rates. You can even list your favorite assets or present all properties in grid-mode.
Finally the payment options; the latest update of the theme allows PayPal and Stripe integration, as well as wire transfer options.

What’s in for the administrator/designer?

Quality Guaranteed by Envato. A leader in WordPress theme construction, offering quality checks, future updates, and full-time support. Also, the built-in Visual Composer and Slider Plugins ensure that the work is delivered in a stylish and fast way to the client. No coding is required at all; everything is already set up.

With Houzez, you can be sure that everything works as it should. Now let your properties do the talking!

Real Places

More Exposure with WordPress Real Estate Themes
What do you prioritize in a real estate website?When you’re marketing something as expensive as a house, it’s important that your brand is represented well online. It gives house hunters their first impression of what you can do. Your services should be represented well, and so should the properties that you’ll be listing.
Both buyers and sellers now go online to ask questions and research about the market. Online marketing is very important. One of the most effective tools when doing so is choosing the right theme for your website, in order to make it user-friendly and hassle-free for both buyers and sellers.

Real Places is one of the reliable real estate templates that most beginning real estate developers go with when promoting their presence online in the regional and national market.
What makes Real Places so distinct is its purpose-oriented design. It was made specifically for real estate listings and already includes a tab for featured properties with a custom ID, the price, type of property, status and location. Each one had individual analytics so you can check which properties are being checked out more than others.

Even More

More than just its purpose-oriented design, what makes it so beautiful is the customizable feature. You can change easily all the prefaced labels and theme strings. There is no limit to how many you can post. Some have posted as many as 19,000 properties however the performance widely depends on your server, and not the theme’s ability to hold data.
It’s also Widget-ready and has a responsive layout which makes it user-friendly even when the potential customer is using his tablet or smartphone. It is also easily customizable using other Page Builder and Customize plugins and extensions for when you need to add other details such as floor plans and additional perspectives.

You can buy Real Places for $59.00 for the regular license which already includes future updates, six-month support from the Inspire team, the makers of the theme as well as technical support for any reported bugs or issues. The authors usually respond within two business days.


Realtyspace is a great real estate theme for WordPress developed by the popular and trusted codefactory47. The theme begins with impression of a website where it’s easy to begin house hunting with the search the first element. This is then supplemented by a corporate feel that gives the impression of a sophisticated business with many parts and successful people in it. The appearance of content both by scrolling down and through the tabs system not only increase options but also flexibility and user satisfaction. Moreover, social media elements, contact information, login access, price units, language and physical units are all right at the top and very conveniently located for potential customers. It can be used by real estate agencies of all sizes and locations. The theme takes care of the basic functions in real estate business. It helps the business manage the portfolio, find new customers of the business, accept both free and paid submissions from potential clients and create attractive landing pages that help improve business’ image while increasing volume.


Developers will enjoy the main technical features of the theme: importing from the demo elements in one click, drag & drop page builders, homepage variations, header variations, agent profile variations, and property variations elements. All these come in several variations that make customization very easy. The theme also supports listing property in lists, grids and table, uploading videos of the properties and managing the portfolio and user profiles from the front end of the website.

The theme is excellent technically as well. It has advanced IDX and MLS integration, contact form 7 Integration, and optimized custom forms. It is high resolution, widget enabled and compatible with most browsers and hosting software. Developers will especially enjoy the response time while editing. The theme comes with automatic updates, maintenance in different modes, extensive documentation, google map and street view integration and other social media support, Support is also provided for technical issues on features, and assistance with reported bugs and issues.


WP Rentals is an innovative multi-featured sleek wordpress theme for anyone looking to start a real estate listing site. The theme allows users to easily sign up and list properties with a few mouse clicks. The theme incorporates everything that you would expect from a premium real estate theme making it easy to manage property listings. A full booking system has been put in place which you can make commissions whenever there is a successful purchase. Its theme panel might as well be one of the easiest to use as compared to many other real estate themes. The options panel gives you full control of your website functionality, thanks to the various features in place.

Sleek & attractive

Apart from the theme being sleek and attractive, it features different listing layouts which one can easily set through the theme options panel. You can choose from a variety of single page and multi-page setup options and the shortcode functionality geared towards making your website more navigable and user friendly. To get you started right away, the theme comes with the dummy sample content along with the documentation which has clear details on how to fully run your site using the theme. Also managing critical theme features like ad placement has been made flexible. The theme allows you to be creative around the website and create nifty ad placements with ease.

Theme easily adapts to any device making it easy for users to navigate and make bookings. Many real estate templates struggle to make a theme that incorporates multiple features into one and never get to the standard. It has no issues bringing all the nifty features along with the sleek design together.
With this theme, you will easily create intricate property listing websites within minutes without any experience.

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