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Blogging has transformed how online businesses reach and interact with their target audiences. It’s the heart of content marketing. For all bloggers, there’s a wide selection of blogging platforms to choose from. However, WordPress is considered the best platform to build your personal blog upon. According to W3techs, this content management system accounts for 26% of all websites on the internet. If you intend to launch a personal blog on WordPress, you can opt to use the default themes that come with WordPress core or, choose a personal blog theme. Here are reasons why the latter choice is better.

Why invest in personal blog themes?

They are designed for both self hosted and free WordPress.
When starting a new blog, you can choose to have it hosted through or, choose the self hosted option. Free hosting allows you to build your blog without having to pay for hosting services. Personal blog templates are designed to work on all WordPress blogs regardless of your hosting option. The reason for this is that each template is developed to meet the strict WordPress theme developer guidelines.

Give your blog a unique look.

Tens of thousands of new blogs are launched each day. With so many sites launched each day, it’s quite easy to find a few hundred that look more or less the same even if their target audiences are different. With so much competition, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Since the first thing your target audience sees even before reading content on your blog is it’s style and layout, having a unique blog template can mean the difference between a visitor instantly liking your blog or not.


Blog templates help you build your personal brand. It’s therefore important that you select a theme that has the right color blend and layout before actually installing it on your WordPress blog. If you look at some of the world’s top blogger’s personal blogs, you’ll notice that each has a unique layout and color scheme. This is part of their branding strategy. They took the time to invest in a unique template which makes their blogs and brands easy to identify and relate to.

Make your blogging life easier with plugins.

One advantage of WordPress blogs is that you can easily extend their functionality using plugins. These make life a lot easier allowing you to focus on generating content. However, most themes are compatible with a specific set of plugins. Selecting the right blog template for your personal blog can ensure that you’re able to install and use the plugins of your choice.

Get support from the theme developer.

If you’re not a techie, you’ll want to know that there will be someone to provide support when you need help with running the technical aspects of your site. Template developers often offer support to bloggers using their themes.

If you want to start blogging, your first step should involve setting up a WordPress blog and finding a personal blog template that’s unique, brandable and compatible with most of the essential blogging plugins. Choose among our unique collection of personal blog themes for WordPress below.


Writsy WordPress theme is what every blogger needs. It incorporates a clean, minimal and faded vintage concept that employs WordPress’ latest advanced development tools. It is thus suitable for various blog niches including fashion, travel, photography and personal blogs. In fact, Writsy easily is one of the best personal blog WordPress themes.

It is sharp because it uses contrasting colors. These help magnify all images posted therein. More so, it offers a clear distinction between the text areas and the segments set aside for images. The result thus, is a well-organized blog that is easy to navigate and has a clean layout that easily sets the contents within easy reach.

Writsy is minimalist, a great feature for bloggers who have a lot of writing to do. It comes with up to five categories and is fully responsive, meaning it automatically optimizes your blog for perfect display on whatever device your visitors choose to use. Importantly, its minimalist and simple build makes it an awesome WordPress theme suitable for various purposes.

The list of advantages:
  • – Suitable for travel, music, photography, lifestyle etc., it gives an old time vintage feel to the page.
  • – A look ideal to give your site an optimum view and a display perfect for viewing on any device.
  • – A clean page with minimum clutter gives your content the best possible placement and a chance to be noticed by many.
  • – Built using the latest fashion trends in the market this view is suitable for any kind of content.
  • – Use of the latest advanced theme development tools like Saas, Gulp and Bower make it perfect for optimum returns.
  • – An ideal option for a blogger who intends to give a starting push to his writing skills in the online market.
  • – Customized widgets available on the web page make it easy to connect to the blogger through social media.
  • – Availability of post sharing buttons makes it easy to get the articles shared in the friend group.
  • – A full-width page template makes it appropriate for usage in different niches of content.


Noemi is a beautiful, elegant and a vibrant WordPress blog theme for fans and users who are very creative, innovative and always think out of the box. There are different kinds of blog theme which are available to suit each fan and users. These themes are Noemi Casual, Noemi Personal and Noemi Modern. The Noemi Casual theme is very casual, simple when it comes to colors and it has feature sliders which are ideal for photography. It is mostly used for travel and art blogs.

Noemi Personal is a very easy use, a user friendly personal blog. It’s most commonly used for editorial usage, personnel usage, music, fashion and a lot more. Another theme that it offers is the Noemi Modern. Noemi modern is amazing coupled with bright, vibrant colors it is considered an ideal theme to use.

Support team is reliable and always available to help you in any possible way.

The list of advantages:
  • – A unique and extremely useful admin panel availability solves the issues faced in one go.
  • – This highly responsive blog theme focuses on providing individuality and enhancing your creativity.
  • – A layout that would be loved and appreciated by viewers who have an eye for good creative looks and concepts.
  • – The use of two footer concepts provides your blog the starting and ending feel.
  • – Quite a detailed documentation available which helps in solving any kind of issues faced.
  • – The presence of demo content helps even the new users of WordPress can easily set up their own blog.
  • – Best suited for all the viewers who love watching beautiful layouts and themes on their computer.
  • – Featured categories section gives your blog the much-needed power to make an impact on the viewers.
  • – The presence of 12 different layouts helps the blogger in choosing a layout particularly suited to your needs.
  • – Use of a big logo in the center and small logo on type attracts the traffic to the unique content being provided on your blog


Wishbone is a stylish theme specifically crafted for blogging It comes with an attractive layout that easily catches the eye of the user. Bassed on the visual elements, Wishbone Theme that has a fast response time, cool menu outlook and color makes its appearance catchier.

Its Design is simple and has a fairly smooth animation hence making it very interactive, and remains beautiful across devices, It has an easy and awesome way to share content through the social media plugins, shows off images in a unique style, users can rate whatever content post is displayed.

Theme offers a simple solution to bloggers, it also has numerous columns layouts that are very responsive, this theme gives you total control over the customization of your website with a taste of artistic in typography. When looking for a modern personal blog WordPress theme, Wishbone is the on of the best option for you, it will give your blogging an incredible experience.

The list of advantages:
  • – A simple concept which appears beautiful to the eyes and satisfies the creative instinct in you.
  • – The presence of great typography already on the theme, however, an option of changing the fonts to give a better look.
  • – An option with easy to use themes help you in selecting which view you want to keep.
  • – More than 5 header options available give a unique and relatable feel to the page.
  • – An option to display your most preferred articles in a beautiful manner and giving them optimum placement.
  • – More choices available in the form of grid view or standard view to give an authenticity to your blog.
  • – The presence of widgets on the page lends an easy connectivity to the web page and an attractive feel to it too.
  • – Focus on minute details of placement help you in placing your content in a manner which looks pleasing to the eyes.


Holomatic may be deemed as a unique theme, that may be used by bloggers. It elicits a number of emotions when looked at closely. One advantage is that an individual may choose to customize the theme to his or her own preference. When a blogger creates or writes his work, he may need to draw the readers attention to the work at hand.

The Holomatic theme enable bloggers to do that easily, an image that matches the title may be featured, this assists the reader to have a vivid and clear image of what the blogger or writer was talking about. The theme offers a comfortable sight to the eye as well as a unique feeling that is a departure from the past. Some years ago, bloggers used the same medium to relay their work; hence it created a boring cliche. Bloggers also have a leeway of choosing colors that are in conformity to their message; and that is another added advantage.

The list of advantages:
  • – A high quality stylish and lightweight blog helps in providing a rich and luxurious feel to your blog.
  • – A balance provided between beauty, simplicity, and design focusing on what attracts the viewer’s most.
  • – Ability to customize and change the view as per your requirement in a few clicks lending it an ease of use.
  • – 4 Unique blog styles and customizable side layouts give you a chance to lend an authentic feel to your blog.
  • – A mobile friendly layout makes it easy and beautiful to view even on a mobile or tablet.
  • – The beautiful and less cluttered view makes the readers focus on the content posted without facing any distraction.
  • – The elegant view makes viewers come and stay on the page and helps in viewer retention.
  • – The simplicity yet modern look presented makes it ideal usage for someone who wishes to post a personal blog.
  • – The option of selecting different sidebars for different posts gives you the chance to customize the view as per the content type.


This WP theme feels elegant and simple. Created by Meridian Themes, it has everything you may expect from a great blog WordPress theme. All the tabs are neatly lined up on the front page in a no-nonsense manner. The buttons for social integration are provided in the top right corner. The “About Me” section is aptly placed towards the right side of the front page while the “My Newsletter” and the “Popular Posts” sections lie just below it. This theme has a great deal of feminine appeal to it due to the clever use of light pink and light blue shades.

The designers took enough care to ensure that this theme works flawless on every mobile device. Furthermore, you can customize it with little efforts using the front-end customizer. It even has Custom Widgets that help you add content and specific features to your blog. Overall, this blog theme is an ultimate option for creative people.

The list of advantages:
  • – An elegant and a feminine type of view aimed at the viewers who love anything that looks beautiful to the eyes.
  • – Due to the beautiful design, the theme looks great on any kind of device, mobiles included.
  • – Customized widgets available lending a luxurious feel to the content posted, ideal for luxury, travel and fashion themes.
  • – Use of meridian feature helps in customizing the web page according to the perfect kind of look you expect.
  • – An option to select many customized alternatives so as to make each post as per the requirement of the subject.
  • – Quite an eye catchy look and an option to place social media elements make it easy to connect with the blogger.
  • – Compatibility with all browsers available ensures that your viewers do not miss your content come what may.
  • – The presence of a front end style customizer makes it ideal for people who like choosing different themes for different concepts.
  • – All details of the design have been done so minutely that the attention of the viewer does not waver from the website.
  • – Ability to change sidebars and columns position as per need in accordance with the kind of audience expected.


BLOG HOME theme for WordPress is absolutely a customer friendly blog WordPress key, the organization and the color of the theme is remarkably significant. It is very easy to use even for a freshman and a video is provided for making it more simplistic and easier to understand. Two demos are provided i.e personal and modern, both are attractive and have sweet designs; where the personal demo is box mode with a classy slider, on the other hand, the modern demo has the full slider with highlight boxes.

It is a very responsive theme with a real user-friendly admin panel as well which makes it simply customizable. The BLOG HOME theme provides you 5 different and suitably organized layouts fit for every type of post. The theme has fast loading speed, punctual support, easy to use and various plugins pre-installed. The BLOG HOME theme provides creative design easy operation and four different post formates which make BLOG HOME theme remarkably awesome and a ‘must-have’ theme.

The list of advantages:
  • – A creative theme which gives the blogger a unique chance to showcase his creative skills in an innovative manner.
  • – The simplicity of use making a person not so informed about word press also a chance to manage the page efficiently.
  • – Option to choose between a classic and a modern design lets a blogger decide which theme would suit his content.
  • – An easy live customized format lets you choose which option is to be placed where in order to garner the maximum eyeballs.
  • – A clean and modern design impresses the target viewers and is ideal for bloggers.
  • – Option to have a moving Instagram feed in the footer lets the people see your social media content at the same time.
  • – Ability to translate the content written in any languages helping the blog to reach a cross-section of people.
  • – Widgets of featured posts, social media links lets you choose which mode to use to connect and express your views.
  • – Customizable color options giving an elegant feel to the page and let the blogger change his page according to taste.


The theme is packed with amazing features that make it easy for bloggers to express their food creativity. In addition to the featured area and promo widgets, Sprout & Spoon provides users with the ability to create custom recipe, a solo pine recipe plugin, an Instagram feed at the bottom and a clean design. Also, the theme comes with an organized layout and a beautiful cherry on top that makes it easy for one to print recipe cards.

This theme has additional features that make it both functional and presentable. With 7 different layouts and a width adjustment capability, the theme enables users to adjust their blog to meet their preferences. This makes it possible for one to come up with good looking blogs that matches well with the passion of cooking and presenting different recipe ideas.

The list of advantages:
  • – Fresh look and foodie features help you in sharing your recipes and tastes with others too.
  • – Having a prominently featured area and easily placeable promo widgets give your web page an online food portal kind of look.
  • – A customized recipe card lets you share your easy recipes with other viewers in a very creative manner.
  • – It’s extra responsive design makes it suitable for those bloggers who wish to write on home improvement and DIY themes.
  • – Different blog layouts available to help you in changing the theme according to kind of cuisine you are mentioning about.
  • – The widget area present on the bottom makes it an ideal place for sharing ads and newsletters.
  • – Easily modified as per the need of the hour to give a homely and classy feel to the web page.
  • – The flexible recipe index feature lets you place your most liked recipes in the place where they can be easily accessed.
  • – Great aesthetic taste combined with a modern look grabs eyeballs and makes them stay there.
  • – Apart from the multi features available a chance to make the layout in grid or list format.


To make a unique looking site that is quite different from others in the crowd, you should search for a site where you get the quality themes which are loaded with plugins, built-ins, and all components, and functional ones so you can make lovely blogs within no time. With SMARTBLOG personal blogging theme you can show an extraordinary site to your loved ones to appreciate and share the delight together.

This personal blogging theme looks smooth and simple, and easy to use, by altering the theme you can give an individual personality to your site. It will also help in discovering good color scheme for your site as color schemes frequently rely on the logo. You can without much of a stretch make an impression with a one of a kind design. It will urge others to make their very own web blogs and share information with their families and friends. Theme makes an impression and most people get motivated to create blogs using this design. Through these sites, you can communicate and share amazing moments with loved ones who are a long way from you by using SMARTBLOG blogging theme.

The list of advantages:
  • – A light and elegant looking theme which is customized such that it can be used for any kind of subjects.
  • – An eye pleasing modern design which gives an impactful look to your page.
  • – Innumerable theme options provided to customize the content according to the subject.
  • – A beautiful new style header attracts the attention of the viewer immediately to what is being offered.
  • – An alternate slider option available to highlight the most interesting content you have to offer.
  • – An option to filter and categorize helps you to only select the content which you want to see or read.
  • – Different layout styles ranging from classic grid to list form give you options that match your style.
  • – A fully responsive design which has an amazing range of high definition graphics which lend a classy look to your page.
  • – Multiweight post titles available to draw your attention to the content that has been put up.
  • – The justified post gallery can be customized so that you can change it as per your requirements.


A number of web developers engaging with designing new & attractive them throughout the internet, but very few developer in this industry can design theme as like as Soledad multi-concept theme.
If you are looking for an attractive and user – friendly personal Blog WordPress Themes for your site then this theme is for you. I can assure you that anyone will love this theme with first eyesight.
Whenever a visitor visits this theme he/she will be mesmerized after seeing the colorful layout, Responsiveness of design. Beyond device screen size every visitor will get the full layout of the theme. The responsiveness of design will help the visitor to scroll the site top-bottom easily and complete menu bars help to find everything within one touch, Both qualities will increase the conversion rate of the site.

Social Media Button, Categories, Popular Post Segmentation, Image Slider and Video, Everything is setup in a way that anyone surely loves this theme.

The list of advantages:
  • – A unique customizes theme which gives the web page a highly impactful appearance.
  • – A multitude of options available with regards to slider combinations and live customization.
  • – A unique web layout which gives you the option to choose the best among the rest.
  • – Great coding and high loading speed make this theme a big hit among the go-getters.
  • – The flexibility and the quality of the design and the new improved features will give you a peace of mind.
  • – Ease of usage suitable for people who do not have much information about which style to use and how.
  • – Multi demo homepages according to the subject of the content.
  • – A super-fast theme supports system to solve queries of people who have any issues whatsoever.


WordPress Themes designing has a purpose of creating a multiple layout template, that will meet any website’s needs, as well as coming up with all necessary features.
Vancouver – Multpile Layout WordPress Blog Theme is, a truly great website template that will suit to any type of business you are up to. Once you launch the demo preview, it feels completely smooth and flexible. With 14 blog layouts and Fully Live Customization with around 200 options. Colors are unlimited and the web design is built to bring the traffic’s eye a feeling of comfort which encourages to stay and consume the content. And a beautiful Featured Slider including 4 styles. But most of all, the template is Search Engine Optimized, with a combination of the latest SEO requirments model.

You need this WordPress Blog Theme for a successful blogging platform, that meets the newest marketing fashion. And for an opportunity to be a part of the competition.

The list of advantages:
  • – 14 different blog layouts from which you can select the one that suits the most.
  • – Live customization option helps to choose from among more than 200 styles.
  • – Easy to use especially for beginners who are just starting into making a website of their own.
  • – A header in the video background leaves an impact on the viewer and makes him search for more.
  • – An option to select fonts amongst many Google kit and other different kinds of fonts available.
  • – Beautiful custom widgets available on the page let you link your social media pages and other links to your blog too.
  • – Option to select different layouts for your portfolio and customize them according to the impression you want to give.
  • – A perfect choice when you already know what you want and how to present it best.


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