Best One Page WordPress Themes 2016

One Page WordPress Themes in Business World.

Setting up a WordPress website is usually recommended for anyone who wants to run an online business but doesn’t have the technical coding skills. It’s also a great option for those that want a website that’s easy to update and run from the back end. After installing WordPress onto your host’s servers, you’ll need to customize the way it looks. WordPress themes are the best way to do this since, you’re not allowed to make changes to the WordPress core. There are countless theme types to choose from. One that has been gaining immense popularity over recent years are the one page themes.

What’s a one page WP theme?

As the name suggests, this type of theme has a single page only. This page combines all the information found in multiple page websites into one page. So rather than click through links to navigate to a specific page on the site, the visitor simply scrolls down the page to the section they’re interested in. The different sections will usually follow each other in a logical manner taking the site visitor from one idea to the next seamlessly.

Why should you consider a one page template?

Many website owners are usually skeptical about installing themes on their WordPress sites. However, they do have a number of advantages that include the following.

Suitable for almost any type of marketing business.

If you’re in the marketing industry, your main goal is to get your site visitors to take a specific action as soon as possible. You don’t need potential clients navigating from one page to another within your site. A single page theme will make this easy. If well designed, such a theme will keep your site visitor on one page which contains all the copy and call to action. By the time the visitor reaches the bottom of the page, they’re likely to place their order or request a quote. Anyone who’s marketing a product or service online can greatly benefit from this type of theme.

Attractive user friendly layout.

Poor design is one of the reasons many websites experience a high bounce rate. One page themes are designed with the site visitor in mind. Their design is targeted at attracting the visitor’s attention and, keeping them within the site. Such templates invest heavily on visual content which research shows is better preferred compared to text. There are many single page template layouts to choose from including parallax and stack design.


One advantage of single page WordPress themes is that they can be easily extendable to multi-page themes. If you find that your one page layout isn’t working as you’d expected, you can easily scale the theme to include other pages. It’s usually quite hard to convert a multi-page theme into a single page layout.

Online marketing focused.

Early single page templates were heavily focused on user experience at the expense of their online marketing function. Today, theme developers are incorporating online marketing aspects such as SEO friendliness and responsiveness into their templates.

If you’re looking for a one page WordPress theme, we have a unique selection of templates you can choose from. Each template has been designed with a focus on specific business needs and are SEO friendly.


This theme can be used for a wide variety of uses but it is primarily for business. The theme offers woo-commerce integration allowing you to market your services and products to your customers easily. There are also ready custom price tables and post types that make it very easy to add your products with minimal effort. Awesome features five predefined colors to choose from and over 600 ready google web fonts. The theme is fully responsive and can be used on any device with varying screen sizes from mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Built-in SEO and google analytics which helps your business to rank high on Google.

That means customers and clients find you more quickly. The theme features two attractive jQuery sliders and a responsive video embed that captivates the emotion of your clients and gives them the urge to visit the site over and over again. The theme allows you to keep in touch with your customers through a nicely prepared contact form, social media icons and social share buttons for linking with friends on social media as well as an Ajax filterable portfolio that is popup enabled for customer reviews. Awesome is compatible with almost all browser and also is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Awesome is a premium theme available at a very pocket-friendly price. Once you purchase the theme, you also get six months support for any question relating to this theme and updates of future upgrades.

If you are looking to build a business website, I highly recommend you consider using this theme.


Do you want your customers to feel that you mean serious business with them? Then this theme is for you. Modern and bold looking, this theme would surely catch the attention of anyone who’s looking for something that’s profitable. A one page WordPress theme, seamless and easy scrolling down–this theme spells perfection. This elegant looking single page WordPress theme speaks nothing but success for all your online business endeavors. The minimalist look would make your product/s standout and be more eye catching to the crowd. But this theme is not just for the business-savvy individuals.

Blink also shouts artistic vibes!

Anyone who knew a true blue artsy and creative individual would know from the beginning that this theme is for the Picasso-inside. With its detailed and crafted design, an artist’s heart would dance in glee. For the artist’s eye, it’s a blank canvas board waiting to be splashed with multitude of colors, or for the online world, be posted with multitude of colorful and artistic post. This theme is not just businessman and artist friendly but also for the one who seeks something that is user-friendly. A theme that is not cluttered and can easily be understood even if you’re aged and you’re just starting at your blogging journey or your online writing career.

Let this wordpress theme unravel your greatest life’s work to the whole world wide web.

This one page WordPress theme is built for any needs. With its uncomplicated design, you don’t have to worry anymore about your blog’s appearance. Now you can focus more on the content you are writing, the projects that you are doing, the goods that you are baking, the scenes that you are taking a photograph with, the serialized novel that is waiting to be published online, your pets’ latest adventures waiting for thousands of views and clicks. Let the Blink single page WordPress minimalist theme take your wordpress site to uncharted territories of views and clicks.


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