Best News Magazine WordPress Themes

News Magazine WordPress Themes.

If you intend to launch an online blog magazine, WordPress is your best bet for success. It’s the preferred platform for many of the top online magazines both large and small. It’s easy to find magazines from every niche ranging from politics to humor running on WordPress. For each of these, their success and popularity is largely driven by the blog magazine WordPress theme they use. So before launching your site, it’s important that you choose the best among the many blog magazine WordPress themes available. Here are some of the features that make selecting a magazine theme important.


Online blog magazines are largely content driven. Many have tens or even hundreds of new pages added each day. Scalability is therefore important for these sites. WordPress templates for blog magazines are designed for easy scalability. Their primary focus is to make it easy for you to add content and have it live with just a few clicks. This is regardless of whether you want to publish text or media content.

Uniform look.

Giving your site a uniform look is another reason why magazine templates are so popular. Every new post will have more or less the same layout as older posts. In addition, there’s a uniform look in specific ares of every page including the header, navigation and content areas. This however doesn’t mean that you’re usually restricted to one rigid layout. Many templates come with customization options to allow you to create unique looking pages based on the content you want to publish.

Monetization ready.

If you plan to monetize your blog magazine through paid ads, Adsense or any other method, many of the themes available come with the necessary features. Most templates have layouts that have specific sections where you can place ads or links without need for special customization. If they don’t have such features, they are likely to be compatible with the different plugins that make it easy to create customize the different pages on the site.

Super fast.

One feature that makes the best WordPress themes for blog magazines stand out is their fast load time. You’ll want your magazine to be accessible to everyone regardless of the device they’re using or the amount of traffic the site is receiving. Magazine themes are designed to ensure that every page loads fast.

Search engine friendly.

At the end of the day, you’ll want your posts to be indexed and ranked by search engines. Your goal is to attract as much traffic to your site as possible. Many of the themes available are designed to be search engine friendly. Their structure and layout is designed to enable search engine bots to index only the necessary pages.

Social media friendly.

You’ll want your readers to share, like and follow your magazine. The top templates available come with the necessary features to make this possible. So rather than rely on special plugins, you’ll find social media already integrated into your theme once you install it.

Magazines are a great way to build a global brand. If you want to launch yours today, browse our collection of unique, responsive and feature rich themes below.


If you are looking for a new and engaging WordPress theme, specially designed for blog sites or magazines, the Woohoo WordPress Theme is exactly what you need! This theme is aimed at giving you the best results a website owner would look for, as it is created with trendy features and options optimized for great SEO results, by having a schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews. It is a very trendy and stylish theme, focused on your most important needs in terms of content and readability with guaranteed high-speed. Your website will be exactly what you dreamed of, because this theme will provide 11 great posts layouts and multiple blog layout for you to show your creativity and to highlight you ideas.

Even More

Also, if you just want to share your ideas with the world, write reviews for the latest products out there or keep your readers entertained with news or with the worldwide latest events, the new Woohoo WordPress Theme is exactly the trendy design you should use. There is no need for you to be a genius in terms of coding skills, because this theme comes with a Theme Options Panel that will have everything done for you, as it will customize your website with a simple one-click.

In other terms, this Woohoo WordPress theme is probably one of the best templates out there, an easy-to-use tool ready to make your website very entertaining for your readers and followers- this theme is also mobile devices friendly, which makes it even more approachable. As for you, the website owner, the customer support is a professional one, making your job much easier and making you concentrate only on your writing and content.

Therefore, this theme is the ultimate News WordPress Theme, easy to install and use, optimized for speed and with great layout and stylish appearance, which will make your website more and more successful!


Grand news is the latest news and editorial focus design tool that gives a number of WordPress themes features, ideal for editorial purposes and bloggers. It features the latest in WordPress technology and supports a number of the popular plug-ins. This makes it compatible with a number of devices as well as with a responsive layout.

Alot of features

Grandnews allows for news and editorials to be imported with a single click coupled with a unique demonstration specifically designed and pre-defined. This news magazine subject matter is a multipurpose and ideal for everyone including bloggers and entrepreneurs. It offers a platform that can be utilized for news niche postings that relate to gossip, tech, sports, politics, games etc. It is customized with unlimited color options, numerous font sizes, widgets with a drag and drops page to generate a unique and professional news portal effortlessly. Grand news is unique; rock solid, lightweight and fast hence meets your needs. When compared to other WordPress themes it is different as it utilizes an internal site optimization that allows for a plug-in. It is also exclusively designed to optimize your site to its full performance with feature rich topic and maximum capability.

Of particular interest is the automatic affiliate disclaimer that dynamically adds disclaimer disclosures on each web page blog post. It also features the advertising script that inserts to posts or web pages which can be significantly controlled at your behest and preferences. This makes the news topic to have an unmatched flexibility, an elegant design, integrated translations and unique demos. The Grand news does not require prior coding skills for users which make it score higher than other in its category.

This makes the template be suitable for newspapers publishers, magazines, and blogs. Indeed it is a great selection for creating beautiful and powerful magazine and news blog website.


This theme has some very impressing features that include a powerful admin panel, easy to use since no coding is required. It has an extensive typography options as well as a responsive and retina that’s ready. Some of the widgets available include the Instagram feed widget, Twitter feed widget, Date widget, Social icons widgets and many other more widgets that are designed to make your website as interactive as possible.
This theme so far is the one of the best selling WordPress themes having over 400 purchases and counting. The latest version that was recently released, Newspaper 7, makes use of “Mobile Theme” technology that is aimed at making the sites to run faster on mobile devices and other devices with smaller screens.

Other features includes Smooth scroll of the sites with no problems such as sluggish movement of the websites. There are also more than six hundred different fonts from google,customization widget areas,a contact form plugin ,customization mega menu and a multiple set of various contact form styles. There is also a child theme included. These are just part of the various interesting features of the word press theme that are available on this particular theme.

An incredible variety of predesigned post sorts flourish, including class pages, point by point article pages, get in touch with us pages, enrollment structures, pamphlet and famous posts gadgets, alongside retina-prepared symbols and symbolism all over the place, included. Specially geolocated climate usefulness tells your guests the news and the atmosphere in one go.


If you are a VLogger or you have a dream to be one, or YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Roman Atwood have become your ideals or you have a desire to be famous and be a millionaire through Blogging and video blogging, you need to get familiar with the 21st century blogger, vlogger dream come true website as known as “WORDPRESS”. It is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It’s one of the easiest and most dominant blogging and website content management system present online today. It assists by providing vloggers video blog themes, powerful tool that generates blog sites, and it is easy because themes are already present at the website.

News wordpress themes are most popular for blogging online.

Vlog is also a carefully crafted Word Press theme with the focus on video content too. It will fit the needs of a personal video blog of any kind, all the way to complex magazine websites. The product is one of the best and economical and it supports the following:
– Availability of the author to answer questions
– Answering technical questions about item’s features
– Assistance with reported bugs and issues
– Help with included 3rd party assets

And theme supports are for the following famous and most used video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, daily motion, twitch and many more. The wordpress news theme will make your video content more beautiful and presentable. It supports importing content to famous websites with just a few clicks. With video thumbnails that is a plugin supported by the theme which can easily be used to set your videos thumbnail as featured image. So there is no point for additional images.

With many features the theme helps your viewer save the video and can easily access them later. Secondly there are more than 200 post layer layout combinations and many more things to get assisted with.


WordPress is roughly just over a decade old, yet its impact on the web development environment is overwhelming. With the increasing number of WordPress users growing each day. WordPress has gained this popularity since the software is available for free and is easy to learn and use. There are hundreds if not thousands of themes that are developed each day. Thus, finding an appropriate theme to suit your need becomes an upward task for many people. If you are a website designer and have been wondering which theme to use for your news or magazine website, then rest your worries. Newspeak is all you need to get moving.

Newspeak is an elegant WordPress magazine theme designed for blogs, magazines, and news websites.

The theme boasts a load of features that make your entire web development process a walk in the park.

First of all the theme comes fully optimized for SEO. This improves your ranking on Google. Newspeak is fully responsive, this means that even users on smaller screen devices don’t have to keep zooming in and out to view content on your site. The theme has an included news page builder that allows easy organization of your news content. The theme features an excellent premium slider called revolution slider that comes in handy for displaying breaking news through slides. Newspeak has a beautiful full page layout that is boxed offering multiple sections for different news items. The theme offers a wide variety of styles to choose for your homepage from a classic magazine style to an absolute grid or two columns among many others. This theme allows multiple ad sizes for advertisements within your website. Newspeak provides you with five unique post styles to choose from. These include; classic up, classic down, full inner, full gradient and full up. This theme is compatible with almost all browsers and also is compatible with the latest WordPress version. The theme has support for WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) which makes it translation ready.

Newspeak is very easy to install and is available for a pocket-friendly price. I highly recommend this theme all web developers looking for a theme to build a news website or blog sites.


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