The best free WordPress themes for businesses – 2017 edition

Gone are the days when business owners had to rely solely on their mouth-to-mouth and other traditional marketing means. Having a successful business in 2017 means having a modern, eye-catching, and converting website. You don’t have to worry, however, neither if you are not a tech-savvy person, nor if you don’t have the budget to afford professional website designer services. The WordPress community has got you covered. In fact, combining WordPress with some of the best free themes that are available for businesses will allow you to create an astonishing website that will captivate your customers’ attention in a couple of hours. We do not exaggerate on this statement. You just have to choose the theme that’s most suitable for your needs, upload it to your WordPress website, customize it a bit, and boom! Your brand-new business website is ready to ramble.

OK!  But how can I select the best free WordPress theme for my business?

Just like all people are not the same; similarly, their businesses and their WordPress experience are not the same either. There are business owners who have spent some hours “playing” with WordPress, and at the same time, there are business owners who know little or nothing on WordPress and its themes. Also, some companies require a top-notch website or e-shop, whereas others need only a simple yet efficient website just to promote their products or services.
The above are only some of the criteria we’ve used while scouring the Internet to find the best free WordPress themes for businesses. To be more specific, we will be showcasing WordPress themes that meet the following criteria:
•    Mobile responsiveness (the theme will work flawlessly on mobile devices).
•    Customization options and features (portfolios, different sidebars, drag ‘n’ drop builder).
•    Ease of use (drag n drop builder, easy setup process).
•    Social Integration (connecting your new site to your social media should be a piece of cake).
•    The theme is not heavy (It shouldn’t take huge loading times for your site to load; good for user experience and SEO purposes as well).

The One Page option

If you want to provide your visitors with all the useful information about your company on a single page, maintaining readability as well as a clean look for your website, then Zerif is definitely your best option. The simplicity of the theme guarantees an organized look of your page and a smooth user experience. The theme is also fully responsive and provides many customization and integration possibilities (you will surely love the woo commerce integration and the parallax effect). Give it a look here:


If you want to combine power with zero cost, the Sydney theme from Athemes is not a theme you would like to miss looking into. This theme offers many features that even paid themes struggle to deliver in such an abundance. Sydney allows you to customize your site in a myriad of ways. Which will it be the best option for you? A static image header? A full-screen slider, perhaps? Do you wish to use Google fonts only? Will you use the provided frontpage blocks to quickly develop a website that your company will be able to boast of? If the answer to the questions above is a straightforward “Yes!”, Sydney is the best theme for you. Give it a try by visiting the following link:

A quick word of notice for those who know nothing about WordPress themes (Jon Snow ©)

If you think you will be having a hard time uploading any WordPress theme of those that will follow, please feel free to read our guide about installing a new theme on WordPress. You can find our thorough guide here.

A free bonus for you from

How about a plugin that lets you create a portfolio for your company?
Sometimes simplicity and smooth appearance are all a company needs to sky rocket their sales or visits to their website. If you want to avoid messing with themes and all the fuzz it takes to choosing one, you can rely on our free Siliconfolio portfolio plugin. You can download it for free here. Did we mention that we’ve included a full guide on how to install and customize it on your WordPress site to create stunning portfolios? Here’s your link again if you want to give it a try: /siliconfolio-free-portfolio-plugin-for-wordpress/

Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide on the best free WordPress themes for businesses. You probably know now everything there is to know about choosing the very best free WordPress theme for your company, and you’ve also known 5 of the highest rated and professional themes that exist as of writing this article.

Last but now least. You’ve been presented with a workaround should you want to avoid using and customizing WordPress themes for your company. It’s our popular portfolio plugin, SiliconFolio.

We really hope that our guide will allow you make up your mind on which way to use when it comes to creating a WordPress site for your company using only free means.

Thank you for reading. If you think that our guide will be of any help to your friends, feel free to share it.

P.S. We know that this guide could go on for ages, demonstrating tons of really impressive free WordPress themes for companies. We could also have elaborated on some premium (i.e. paid) themes as well. We decided to not go down that road, however. The reason is that the more options we’re given, the less decisive are we in the end. That’s why we thought we would rather give you a few, yet powerful choices than torture you with the demonstration of dozens of themes. If you feel like giving a shot to our premium themes reviews, feel free to visit this link: /business-wordpress-themes/



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